Libellis Premium Gin - 700ml

Sale forbidden to those under age 18. Libellis Premium Gin from Libellis is a completely original gin. It contains micronized fruits that when shaken scatters in the liquid and creates a metallic-colored cloud, litmuses. Finally, take the top off and enjoy the olfactory and gustative stages. Exquisite fruity taste.

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Libellis Premium Gin from Libellis, exquisite fruity taste.

Libellis Premium Gin from Libellis is an excellent alternative to taste a drink in special occasions, in socializing or various events.

is sold in a transparent glass bottle, with a colorful serigraphy that highlights both its quality and organoleptic properties. Certainly, a gin very different from the others. In essence, what makes it different and original is that it contains micronized fruit, on shaking scatters in the liquid and creates a cloud painted in metallic colors, litmuses, very nice to watch. In that connection, we can say that this gin first attracts attention and then the taste to achieve its effect. At a later time, when drinking, it fruity taste delights the palate, which happen for a combination of ingredients we can mention: juniper, coriander, lemon balm, lemon, strawberries, tangerines and oranges. There is no doubt, Libellis Premium Gin from Libellis is a excellent for stimulating the senses, being one of the drinks more requested in bars or nightclubs. It is well-designed product, in order to be seen, sniffed and savored by whoever decides to taste it.

This gin has three phases to enjoy it: Visual, Olfactory and Gustative. In the visual phase it finds itself at rest, with an obvious and limpid aspect; But when shaked a raspberry's red color cloud appears which gives it an as elegant and exotic look. The olfactory phase takes place when serving it, just before tasting it. The aromas to citrus fruits of lemon and orange, with certain sidenotes to tangerine predominate. For its part, the raspberry and currant gives it sweet aromas that remind of the intensity of the red fruits. Just the same, the smell of the other vegetable components in the preparation of this drinking has influence notably. Finally, in the gustative phase, a matchless explosion of tastes is perceived in the mouth, being soft to drink, leaving an intense fruity taste at tongue that does not let down who consumes it.

Facts of Libellis Premium Gin from Libellis

  • Excellent gin for special occasions
  • In glass bottle to see its color
  • Contains micronized fruits
  • When shaked create a metallic-colored cloud with the particles of fruits
  • Excellent look with visual aftertaste
  • Cool aroma and that appeals to the taste
  • Exquisite fruity taste

This gin offers several ways of appreciation. First, it must be shaken to observe its attractive color. Next, you should sniff it and finally have a good time tasting its matchless fruity flavors.

Recommended use: stir it well before taking the top off to observe the litmus and metallic color. Next, you enter the olfactory phase and finally the phase of tasting.

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