Sale forbidden to those under age 18. Irium Pink Gold Wine from Libellis is a carbonated alcoholic drink based on Macabeas grape wine and using extracts of micronized fruit, which gives it a delicious taste and aroma that will not go unnoticed by the senses, ideal for sharing with family, friends, in celebrations or on your own.

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    Irium Pink Gold Wine from Libellis, ideal for celebrations.

    The wine (from the Latin vinum) is a drink obtained from the grape, mainly of the species Vitis vinifera (for its red version) and Grape macabeo or viura (for its white version), through the alcoholic fermentation of juice.

    The fermentation of wine is produced by the action of yeasts, which transform fruit sugars into alcohol (specifically ethanol), in addition to producing gases, which are carbon dioxide. The sugar and acids possessed by the grape wine is perfectly sufficient for the development of fermentation. However, wine also depends on the sum of environmental factors: latitude, climate, altitude, hours of light and temperature, etc. 66% of the world's grape harvest is devoted to wine production, while wine is associated with the cultivation of vine to places with a Mediterranean climate, because half of the world wine production is concentrated in only 3 countries with coasts in the Mediterranean: France, Italy and Spain.

    Irium Pink Gold Wine from Libellis is a variety of white wine in which are used macabeo grapes, which give a particular flavor and color, in addition, that has a characteristic carbonic touch of the brand and an extract of micronized fruits which apart from giving an matchless taste for the senses, show nuances and colors when shaken. It has a pale yellow color, with brilliant tonality, constant bubbles and some golden reflections. It also has a honey aroma (similar to heather honey), sweet fruits and white flowers like orange blossom. Tasteful and sweet, this wine is ideal for special occasions and demanding diners.

    Facts of Irium Pink Gold Wine from Libellis

    • Wine made of the highest quality ingredients.
    • Use the technology called Micronized Fruit.
    • Sparkling and fruity wine.
    • Made of macabeo grape (viura) and extracts of micronized fruit.
    • Delicious taste.
    • Great color and sparkle.
    • Ideal take along with meals and in celebrations.
    • Attractive presentation.

    Irium Pink Gold Wine from Libellis is a carbonated drink based on wine that uses a technology called micronized fruit, which gives it a subtle fruit flavor which combines the frothy texture of the wine, creates a wonderful combination which can be tasted at any time of the day, be it a celebration or a night on your own.

    Recommended Use: open and enjoy on your own or accompanied, but always in moderation. Being a carbonated drink is recommended to pour as cold as possible, avoiding freezing, between -2° and 3° Celsius.

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