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Fucker Maister Liqueur - 700ml

Fucker Maister Liqueur from Libellis Irium made with an interesting mixture of ingredients that includes over 30 natural herbs, which is ideal to accompany a delicious meal or special dinner for delight your palate and enjoy an exquisite experience you will never forget. Sale forbidden to those under 18 years.

    Take the delicious Fucker Maister Liqueur in parties or as an accompaniment to special meals and enjoy an exquisite explosion of taste.

    Fucker Maister Liqueur from Libellis Irium is an exquisite drink made by macerating more than thirty herbs in alcohol, combined with other wonderful ingredients that have been carefully selected, choosing the best for later be combined and sweetened with sugar and blend with alcohol which has been passed five times by a rigorous distillation process, through a special still in order to get a exquisite and unique taste and also a very appealing scent.

    Fucker Maister Liqueur from Libellis Irium is a concentrated fruit juice with exotic taste which was designed by Due, a spanish company specializing in the production of food products and drinks with worldwide recognition, which goes for innovation and foray into the market of different products with unique flavors that grab the attention of demanding consumers and which are made by using cutting-edge elements and a careful selection process of ingredients. It is subjected to the highest quality standards to get this delicious liqueur.

    Fucker Maister Liqueur from Libellis Irium is made with more than thirty herbs which have been combined especially to satisfy the palate of the most demanding consumers, which seek new experiences every day by tasting liqueurs with new flavours that allow them enjoy unforgettable moments, and this innovative drink will provide exactly that and also a series of effects for the palate with unique bursts of flavour that will be very interesting and will grab the attention of any lover of top-quality liqueur.

    Facts of Fucker Maister Liqueur from Libellis Irium

    • It is a liqueur made with herbs high-purity ingredients and with the best quality.
    • It is a product ideal to accompany an important lunch, special diner or as a drink for parties and celebrations.
    • It comes in a container with an attractive decorative design and a screw top for better preserving of its contents.
    • It can be drunk on its own or blended with cola or tonic drinks, and ice or water.
    • It can be used to make cocktails by blending it with other drinks and different ingredients.
    • Prohibited to sold to those under 18 years old.

    If belong to that select group of people with exquisite palate and you are in a constant search for new experiences, then you must take the new Fucker Maister Liqueur from Libellis Irium, a liqueur designed to satisfy exotic tastes of demanding consumers around the world.

    Recommended use: use it as an aperitif. Liqueur from Fucker Libellis Irium can be drunk on its own or accompanied with other drinks. You also add it ice in order to drink it cold and have a very good time.

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