Leucine 500mg - 100 caps

Leucine by 3XL is the supplement made from the essential molecule for protein synthesis.

Leucine 500mg - 100 caps

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      What do you take it for? Mejora sintesis proteica y anticatabolico
      How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
      How many times? From one to three services, From one to three services
      Size per dose One service
      When should it be taken? Before and/or after training
      Usos Performance increase


      Leucine by 3XLis a supplement which contains 500 mg of L-Leucine per capsule enriched with vitamin B6. Leucinea is an essential branched chain amino acid (BCAA) very important for protein synthesis which must be administered in the diet since the body can not synthesize. 

      L-Leucine constitutes the 80% of all amino acids present in the protein structures of the human body including the muscle tissue. 

      L-Leucine has numerous beneficial effects on athletic performance: 

      • Preserving lean muscle tissue
      • Provides energy to the body during sports
      • Maintains muscle glycogen
      • Maintains positive nitrogen balance and promotes protein synthesis
      • Repairs bone tissue, skin and muscle tissue
      • Keeps blood sugar levels by regulating insulin

      Different studies have shown that eating leucine activates a compound of the muscle called M-Tor, which is the key molecule to activate the route of protein synthesis. Therefore, leucine not only acts as precursor for the construction of proetins that form muscle mas, but also plays a critical role in the regulation of this process. 

      It can be used alone or in combination with isoleucine and valine in a ratio of 2: 1: 1 (Leucine: Isoleucine: Valine) to enrich a formula of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) in order to optimize protein synthesis and prevent catabolism. 

      L-Leucine is also vital for the formation of sterols that meet regulatory, structural and hormonal functions. In addition, L-Leucine can increase the secretion of growth hormone (GH) with what is improved joint health, increase strength and muscle mass.

      People with liver and kidney problems can also benefit from supplementation with L-Leucine because it can improve liver protein synthesis and improve breathing capacity and sleep quality of those with kidney disease. 

      From the pharmacological point of view, L-leucine is used for treating diseases and muscle protein deficit such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), muscle atrophy or sarcopenia.

      It also contains Vitamin B6 which is involved in the metabolism of proteins and glycogen for energy production. In the sports field, vitamin B6 promotes muscle performance, increases energy production and is involved in the production of neurotransmitters that regulate mood. 


      • Stimulates protein synthesis
      • Maintains muscle mass
      • Prevents muscle catabolism
      • Favors the post-workout recovery

      Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules before, and another 2 capsules after training. 

      Reviews Leucine 500mg - 100 caps

      • 09/04/2017

      Buen producto para antes y después del entreno, aunque quizá el formato se queda un poco pequeño. Estaría bien un formato más grande

        • 05/05/2017

        Buen producto

          • 07/17/2016

          Buen producto, se nota el efecto en la absorción de proteína, buen precio y gran cantidad

            • 07/16/2016

            La verdad es que esta muy bien de precio .......................

              • 04/02/2016

              Buen producto, buena calidad, precio. Buena sintetización de las proteinas

                • 12/13/2015

                se nota bastante a la larga no esperes resultados inmediatos es una ayuda bastante buena en el entrenamiento

                  • 11/09/2015

                  Fundamental como complemento se nota mucho recomendable

                    • 05/15/2015

                    calidad/precio excelente.

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