Rhodiola Rosea - 90 tabs

Rhodiola Rosea from Lamberts is a stimulant in conditions of asthenia and fatigue, increasing physical endurance to meet your desired physical expectations, helping muscle recovery, avoids stress and improves mood.

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    What do you take it for? Energy, vitality and increases libido
    How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
    Size per dose One capsule
    How many times? Once a day
    When should it be taken? With meal/ s
    Usos Performance increase

    Rhodiola Rosea from Lamberts. Recover your energy and improve your physical and mental performance with an effective and natural alternative.

    Rhodiola Rosea from Lamberts is a stimulant in conditions of asthenia, fatigue, neurasthenia and vascular-vegetative dystonia. It is useful in case of infectious diseases, functional alterations of the nervous system and in healthy people with manifestations of asthenia and diminution of the capacity to work.

    Rhodiola Rosea from Lamberts is made with natural ingredients of which we highlight the extracts of Rhodiola rosea, a plant with energizing properties that helps calm the nerves, increases vitality and improves agility especially during situations or stages of fatigue. Rhodiola Rosea is one of the 50 different species of Rhodiola. This species enjoys a wide use and recognition, with a long traditional use behind them. It also contains a wide variety of potentially active compounds, the most well-known being rosavines. This herb is becoming very popular quickly among consumers around the world, although there are very important differences regarding the quality and purity of the raw materials available. Lamberts requires rigorous quality tests to ensure the potency and purity of the extract used in this product.

    Rhodiola Rosea from Lamberts is a nutritional supplement indicated to increase physical and psychological resistance. It is an important adaptogen widely used in disorders of the nervous system. This herbal extract has been traditionally used to improve mood and physical and mental performance, especially during situations or stages of fatigue. Rhodiola has a number of apparently different effects but may be encompassed under the term "adaptogen", that is, a natural product capable of increasing the organism's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety or fatigue, normalizing physiological functioning irrespective of the mechanism of action of the stressing agent and without modifying normal bodily functions beyond that required to normalize them. Different studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Rhodolia Rosea extract in reducing fatigue due to stress, improving mental fatigue, physical state and psychomotor function and also an antidepressant action. The Rhodiola's mode of action against stress is based on the regulation of different parameters, such as modulation of cortisol levels, nitric oxide and stress response proteins.

    Facts of Rhodiola Rosea from Lamberts

    • Improves physical and mental performance
    • Improves mood.
    • Helps improve the stress.
    • Reduces anxiety pictures.
    • Helps muscle recovery.
    • Improves memory.
    • Effective for heart problems.
    • Stimulates and protects the immune system.
    • Improves the hearing capacity.
    • Cardioprotector.
    • Antioxidant.
    • Stimulates the central nervous system.
    • Stimulates attention and learning functions.
    • Anti-fatigue effect.
    • Antidepressant and anxiolytic effect.
    • Normalizer of endocrine activity.
    • Increases life expectancy.

    You can enjoy the health benefits of Rhodiola by consuming it preferably at the beginning of the day.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet daily with a meal.

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