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Plant sterols - 60 tabs

Lamberts Plant Sterols is a supplement of natural origin that adds about 800 mg of plant sterols to your daily diet, these phytochemical compounds being incredibly beneficial, since they absorb cholesterol and help maintain an entirely healthy lipid profile. In addition, this product guarantees high efficacy and purity, for excellent benefits.

    Lamberts Plant Sterols have a high concentration and purity. Excellent to help normalize cholesterol in your body

    Lamberts Plant Sterols is a food supplement that has been made naturally with plant sterols, which are vitally important for the metabolism of fats in the body. In fact, this compound is very similar to cholesterol, which is why it helps to greatly reduce its levels in the blood, thus promoting health and well-being.

    Lamberts Plant Sterols is a supplement of natural origin that treasures an incredible function, especially when it comes to improving or reducing the counterproductive lipids that progressively accumulate in your arteries, either due to a poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle. Certainly this product is obtained from vegetable oils and cereals, whose nutritional profiles are packed with essential plant sterols.

    Normally, plant sterols are assimilated in the body in the same way as cholesterol, even both substances behave very similarly. However, the difference is that plant sterols are of plant origin. So by having a performance comparable to cholesterol, it reduces it and prevents it from being absorbed through the blood.

    In this way, this Lamberts Plant Sterols product is extremely convenient, especially when it is known that most of the foods consumed on a daily basis include an impressive percentage of lipids and unhealthy fats in their recipes. By taking this product, you will be protecting the body from these unsuitable nutrients and you will also be able to further promote the metabolism of circulating fats.

    To get a good level of plant sterols, you should necessarily consume more servings of vegetables and grains. However some people do not eat enough to obtain optimal levels. That is why this Lamberts Plant Sterols is a good nutritional resource to enrich the diet. In addition, this product adds about 800 mg of pure plant sterols per tablet, with up to 80% beta-sitosterol. Therefore it offers high efficiency.

    In the same way, it can be taken following any dietary regimen since it does not affect or increase the daily calorie intake.

    Lamberts Plant Sterols Specifications per dose (1 tablet):

    • Made with 800 mg of plant sterols
    • Provides up to 80% beta-sitosterols
    • Of vegetable and natural origin, suitable for vegetarians
    • Helps reduce cholesterol and improves lipid profile
    • Promotes health
    • Pack of 60 tablets, pleasant to take

    From plant products we can obtain an infinity of very flattering phytochemicals. For that reason, this great Plant Sterols from Lamberts is ideal for optimizing your health. It has a super quality, for the healthy absorption of cholesterol.

    Recommended use : as a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule a day from Lamberts Plant Sterols. Do not exceed the recommended dose. The intake of sterols should not exceed 3 grams per day.

    Questions and answers
    Buenas tardes, si cada capsula tiene 800 mg de esteroles vegetales y necesito 2 gramos diarios, ¿cuantas me tengo que tomar? Las indicaciones dicen que 1 capsula al dia. ¿se consiguen los 2 gramos de esteroles con una sola cápsula? Gracias
    2019-09-09 18:49:53 Soledad
    Hola Soledad. Para llegar a los 2gr de esteroles deberías tomar 2 tabletas y media. 1 cápsula es recomendación pero te indican no superar los 3gr. Un saludo
    2019-09-09 19:59:27 Joel
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