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Phosphatidyl serine with zinc - 60 tabs

Fosfatidil Serine with zinc in tablets designed by Lamberts optimizes cognitive function. It is a supplement made from phosphatidyl serine obtained from soybeans which brings numerous benefits to neurotransmission. It is also enriched with zinc, which improves memory in adults of any age.

    Fosfatidil Serine with zinc by Lamberts is 100% natural and intervenes in normal cognitive function.

    Fosfatidil Serine with zinc by Lamberts is a phospholipid found in amounts in the brain and neuronal cells.

    This nutritional supplement provides top quality pure phosphatidyl serine that is obtained from soy. Phosphatidyl serine is a phospholipid that is in high concentrations in the brain and in the neuronal membranes, which are complex structures involved in neurotransmission. Sometimes modern diets are low in fat or vegan, thus depriving the body of sufficient levels of Fosfatidil Serine. Clinical studies suggest that the consumption of this substance has been reduced, as an average, from 250 milligrams to 100 to 180 milligrams per day. The formula of Fosfatidil Serine with zinc by Lamberts contains zinc because it has been found to contribute to normal cognitive function. Research shows that adults suffer the highest levels of cognitive impairment, especially in memory. This nutritional supplement is recommended for adults of any age who need a supplement to maintain normal cognitive function. Studies indicate that the physical or mental body efforts increase the needs of zinc, or can also cause extra losses of zinc, in addition, foods containing phytates and fiber inhibit the absorption of zinc found in foods. One fifth of the zinc found in the human body is in the skin.

    Lamberts has developed the formula of this product after performing different nutritional research and gaining support from a scientific basis. Fosfatidil Serine with zinc by Lamberts has the adequate potency, because the dosage is fundamental when it is used in nutrition. This food product is manufactured in the UK in compliance with strict GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards. It comes in coated tablets that have no taste and are easy to swallow.

    Fosfatidil Serine or FS is in high concentrations in the cellular membranes of the brain and nerves. The maintenance of optimal conditions of these delicate structures is of great importance for normal neurotransmission. Memory, learning and motor function rely on this process. In cases of low fat diets it is necessary to supplement with FS to ensure proper learning and to prevent memory failures.

    Fosfatidil Serine with zinc by Lamberts Properties

    • Normalizes cognitive function.
    • Improves memory.
    • Optimizes motor function.
    • Improves the learning process.

    Fosfatidil Serina with zinc by Lamberts takes care of the health of your brain in an incredible way. It prevents a deficiency of Fosfatidil Serine and zinc, improving brain activity. It is a natural complement that optimizes memory and mental agility. 

    Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement you should take 3 tablets per day for the first 4 weeks, with meals. For maintenance, you should take 1 tablet daily.

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