Maxi-Hair - 60 tabs

Maxi-hair from Lamberts is a natural food supplement that contains vitamins and minerals in amounts that surpasses the other similar supplements in the market. Take care of your hair, skin and nails with this product that is ideal for sportsmen who perform outdoor exercise routines.

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Maxi-Hair from Lamberts is designed for people who want a supplement in vitamins and minerals of daily and continuous use, for the care of their hair, skin and nails.

Maxi-hair from Lamberts is an ideal natural complement to keep hair healthy and strong, providing a relevant amount of essential nutrients for your health. It has nutrients that are presented at significant levels, so this product can be used as a complete multi-formula, which could replace any other multiple formula being taken. In fact, the level of B vitamins and magnesium exceeds the amounts found in typical market stores, and vitamin D has twice the level of most regular products.

Maxi-hair from Lamberts gathers all those essential micronutrients such as: B vitamins, Biotin and Selenium, to keep hair healthy and strong! As its formula contributes a relevant amount of these nutrients along with other vitamins and minerals. And is that this vitamin promotes hair growth. It also strengthens it and thus prevents our hair from becoming brittle. Healthy hair and care is a good sign of appearance. Vitamins and minerals are the essential nutrients that guarantee the good condition and appearance of both the hair, skin and nails, directly influencing its strengthening, hydration and growth.

Maxi-hair from Lamberts provides important nutrients for a healthy hair. Minerals and vitamins are essential for our well-being and vitality, and consequently for a good condition and appearance of the skin and hair. Although these nutrients are found naturally in food, not always enough levels are reached in the body, and there may be risks of dietary deficiencies. This is an ideal complement for those whose diet does not provide them with an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals or that, due to different situations, have their needs greatly increased.

Facts of Maxi-hair from Lamberts. 

  • Protects and cares for your skin and hair.
  • Multi-nutrient formula.
  • Ensures good condition of skin, hair and nails.
  • Strengthens, moisturizes and helps your hair grow.
  • Helps maintain the health of nails and skin.
  • Stops hair loss.
  • Helps restore brittle hair.

Healthy hair is a good sign of appearance; And this product offers 23 essential micronutrients that will help you to optimum well-being! It contains a good distribution of nutrients, including vitamins B and biotin, which contribute to the normal maintenance of skin, hair and nails. If you have thin and brittle hair, then this product is 100% recommended to you.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take one tablet daily.

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