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Magasorb - 180 tabs

Magasorb from Lamberts is a wonderful nutritional supplement that provides magnesium citrate. Its tablets favor the easy assimilation of this macro nutrient raising levels and reserves of magnesium in the body.

    Magasorb from Lamberts: the solution you were looking for to raise your magnesium levels.

    Magasorb is a nutritional supplement specially formulated to provide the necessary amount of magnesium to keep the body in good condition. This magnesium supplement is a great help improve the low diets in this mineral and in this way to avoid magnesium deficiencies in the body and to fortify its storage. Lamberts offers Magasorb in packs of 180 tablets, each tablet contains 150 mg of magnesium in the form of citrate, ensuring its easy absorption and assimilation by the body.

    Magnesium is a mega mineral, so called because it is extremely important for the body to consume it in high amounts, vital to strengthen bones, contribute to the metabolism of nutrients and proper functioning of the joints, the psychological system, nervous system and muscles, especially the heart and lungs. This macro nutrient is also essential for the formation of DNA and the release of energy. Various medical studies claim that this mineral can prevent heart attacks and strokes. A diet rich in magnesium should contain foods such as soy, milk, legumes, cereals, bananas, chickpeas, avocados, nuts and cocoa. Its deficiency mainly produces: migraines, tachycardias, stress, muscular cramps, dizziness, convulsions, fatigue, nausea and depression. In addition to people on a low-magnesium diet, Magasorb can be a key ally for those women who suffer from severe premenstrual syndrome cramps, people who drink large amounts of alcohol, and people taking diuretics.

    The recommended daily dose is 1 to 3 tablets of Magasorb since it would be counterproductive to consume more than 500 mg of magnesium daily. The excess of this mega mineral can have a laxative effect, cause alterations in the right heart rhythm, cause heartburn or muscle weakness. Magasorb tablets disintegrate in the stomach in less than 1 hour and are free from gluten, barley, lactose, yeast, among other allergens. The most effective way to raise magnesium levels in your body, keeping it healthy and vigorous, is to consume Magasorb, it is scientifically proven that it is the best option on the market.

    Facts of Magasorb from Lamberts

    • Provides magnesium citrate.
    • Facilitates proper bone and circulatory maintenance.
    • Prevents muscle cramps.
    • Favors the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
    • Maintains good heart rate.
    • Recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

    Magasorb is an excellent product manufactured by the Lamberts laboratories ideal for sportsmen, women suffering from premenstrual cramps, elderly people and anyone with a deficit of magnesium in their diet. Stay healthy and say goodbye to fatigue by consuming Magasorb daily.

    Recommended Use: take 1 to 3 tablets daily.

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