L-glutathione Complex - 60 caps

L-glutathione Complex from Lamberts is a nutritional supplement in easily absorbed capsules. It detoxifies your body quickly and 100% natural, avoiding hepatic diseases, fatigue or lack of feeling, which could affect your physical performance. Feel fully healthy with this wonderful natural antioxidant.

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L-glutathione Complex from Lamberts is the complement that provides glutathione one of the best known antioxidants within your reach.

L-glutathione Complex from Lamberts helps the detoxification of numerous substances in the liver and is responsible for the elimination of 60% of toxins during the phase II process of liver detoxification. It is also a powerful antioxidant that not only protects the liver, but also the whole body from oxidative damage. A deficiency of glutathione mainly affects the nervous system, causing symptoms such as lack of coordination. As we age, glutathione levels decrease and the lack of glutathione can accelerate the aging process. A deficiency of glutathione is often seen in people who suffer from repeated infections, from alcohol use and chronic fatigue syndrome.

L-glutathione Complex from Lamberts is a product that removes the bad toxins that are found in the liver and prevents liver cancer. When a large amount of alcohol is consumed, acetaldehyde is produced at a faster rate than the body is able to deactivate. This is why it accumulates in the liver and causes liver damage. Over time fatty deposits occur in the hepatocytes (liver cells), which leads to inflammation (hepatitis) and death of these cells. When trying to repair the damage the liver creates scars (cirrhosis). These scars could end up leading to liver cancer, that is why, it is recommended the consumption of such capsules.

L-glutathione Complex from Lamberts in capsules are a ubiquitous tripeptide composed of cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. Glutathione plays many different roles, being one of the main antioxidant enzyme coenzyme. Glutathione is also important for the formation of erythrocytes and leukocytes. Preliminary research suggests that consumption of capsules of L-glutathione from Lamberts may improve sperm motility. In one study it was shown that glutathione consumption showed significant positive effects on sperm motility and sperm increase in infertile men.

Facts of L-glutathione Complex from Lamberts

  • Contains good levels of each peptide along with glutathione already formed to maximize its absorption.
  • Essential for Phase II hepatic detoxification (glutathione-S-transferase).
  • Can enhance detoxification, especially in people with a high toxic load.
  • Involved in the formation of erythrocytes and white blood cells.

L-glutathione Complex from Lamberts is the antioxidant your body needs, especially for those more demanding athletes, who wish to lead a healthy life. Advanced bodybuilders and fitness lovers, looking for results and want to perform exercises optimally, L-glutathione complex is ideal.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take one (1) to three (3) capsules of L-glutathione from Lamberts daily. It is preferable to take it with fruit juice or water, better than with milk, 1/2 hour before any meal or before bed.

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