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L-carnitine - 60 caps

L-carnitine by Lamberts is exactly what you need in order to lose weight since it contains one of the most important amino acids such as L-carnitine that works in energy metabolism and promotes fat removal. It is an easily absorbed product to intensify the effects. You will see the results in a short time.

    L-carnitine by Lamberts, an easily absorbed amino acid to effectively promote weight loss

    L-carnitine is a nutritional supplement based on L-carnitine that helps you to transform body fat into energy, promotes weight loss and is perfect for losing fat without strict diets.

    It is also indicated to regulate blood sugar, to reduce cholesterol, to act as a natural antioxidant and to improve your mood, exactly what anyone needs in order to lose those annoying extra pounds. L-carnitine is an essential amino acid that works in metabolic function, that it is to say, the responsible one for transporting long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondria of muscle cells for their respective oxidation and energy production. Its function is related to waste disposal in mitochondria.

    This organic substance is usually produced in the liver and kidneys, and it is really important for the proper functioning of the body, so L-carnitine by Lamberts intake is perfect to meet the requirements and stimulate the body to burn fat. In addition, L-carnitine can be obtained from meats (especially red ones), dairy products, avocado and other types of food, however, this diet is not enough to really obtain positive results in terms of weight loss. So that, it is is highly recommended to incorporate L-carnitine by Lamberts as a daily habit in order to intensify the effects and enjoy a good physical condition in a short time. L-carnitine by Lamberts is a rich supplement to be quickly absorbed so that, avoiding the need to be splitted by digestive enzymes. Another positive characteristic is that it does not contain caffeine so it can be perfectly combined with other products and effectively accelerate fat loss.

    Characteristics of L-Carnitine by Lamberts

    • It enhances fat loss
    • It helps you to lose weight easily
    • It works in energy metabolism
    • It regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels
    • It acts as a natural antioxidant
    • It improves mood
    • Its has a comfortable 60 capsule format for easy intake

    Most people who want to lose weight spend hours in the gym or undergo strict eating plans to achieve their goals, however, these methods are usually not enough or as effective to obtain positive results, therefore it is recommended to supplement L Lamberts carnithine with a low carb diet and vigorous exercise sessions to lose weight optimally and more easily.

    Recommended use: take a daily capsule, preferably with fruit juices, water or milk. Do not exceed the recommended dose and contact a specialist if it is needed.

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