Glucosamine QCV - 120 Tabs

Glucosamine QCV from Lamberts is a natural complement, essential to protect the cartilage and soft tissue lining the joints. It prevents osteoporosis and arthritis.

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Glucosamine QCV from Lamberts. A natural supplement with a unique formula to maintain proper joint health.

Glucosamine QCV from Lamberts is essential to maintain good cartilage state, the soft tissue that lines the joints. This has become one of the most common products among professionals due to its remarkable power (adapted to the result of rigorous clinical studies) as well as its low price.

Glucosamine QCV from Lamberts is a unique formula, which provides 1000 mg of 2KCl glucosamine sulfate, with the added advantage of containing cider vinegar and quercitin. Cider vinegar has numerous uses, including the care of joints. This product contains an amount equivalent to one teaspoon of cider vinegar per tablet. Quercitin is a bioflavonoid found naturally in fruits and vegetables, particularly apples. It is a potent antioxidant that could also be involved in inhibiting the production and release of histamines, responsible for allergic symptoms. In this product a pure source of quercitin has been added, in an amount equivalent to that found in four apples.

Glucosamine QCV from Lamberts is more than a simple glucosamine product, Glucosamine QCV is a unique formula. The body produces small amounts of glucosamine, a molecule that is present in relatively high concentrations in joints and connective tissue, and which the body uses to form larger molecules needed to regenerate and maintain cartilage. There are several forms of glucosamine such as glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine HCl or N-acetylglucosamine (NAG). The preferred product is usually glucosamine sulfate, since the body uses it easily (90-98%) and the sulfur it contains is beneficial for joint problems. Cider vinegar has been used for centuries to treat joint problems, and there are now whole books on the subject, so you will like to know that we have included the equivalent of one teaspoon of cider vinegar per tablet. Quercitin is a bioflavonoid with anti-inflammatory action found naturally in fruits and vegetables, particularly apples, and is one of the few bioflavonoids that have been used in human studies. In fact, when our technical team investigated the active ingredient in cider vinegar, quercitin was a strong candidate.

Facts of Glucosamine QCV from Lamberts

  • Contains high-powered glucosamine sulfate.
  • Contains quercetin, a potent antioxidant.
  • Helps have a good state in joint health.
  • Fights osteoporosis in several joints of the body, such as in the knee and elbow.
  • Effective against the symptoms of arthritis.
  • Acts on the inflammation of varicose veins in the legs, relieving pain and itching.
  • Has therapeutic properties on the joints.
  • Useful for relieving joint injuries as a result of exercise or physical activity.
  • Prevents wear of joint tissues.
  • Used in a complementary way in clinical treatments.
  • Consumption of glucosamine is well tolerated by the body.
  • Delays wear and tear of joints.

To get these fantastic levels of glucosamine, cider vinegar and quercitin, as most products on the market, you would need to buy several products, but in this Lamberts product you have them all in just one.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 or 2 tablets daily with a meal.

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