Eyewise from Lamberts is a nutritional supplement that reinforces the health of your eyes, improving sight. It is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects your cells from oxidation, delaying the onset of aging, so that you perform all your sports routines without problems.

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Eyewise from Lamberts, a nutritional supplement that guarantees the optimal functioning of the sight.

Eyewise from Lamberts is a supplement that contains lutein, zinc and vitamin B that helps maintain the normal state of eyesight, protect cells from oxidative damage and take care of the state of the blood vessels of the eye. Lutein should be obtained through diet or food supplements since it is a yellow caretonoid that is not produced by the body. This formulation provides a concentration of 20 mg of lutein per tablet from natural source and in free form, ready to be absorbed (we actually declare the contribution of pure lutein and NOT the weight of the compound). We have also added zinc and vitamin B2, since both contribute to the normal maintenance of eyesight and the protection of cells from oxidative damage.

Eyewise from Lamberts is a complement made from concentrated extracts of lutein, blueberry, grape seed and blackberry. It also provides 10 mg of lutein (in free form) per tablet and is chemically identical to lutein found in green leafy vegetables. It also provides other ingredients with high antioxidant power such as blueberry, blackberry and grape seed.

Eyewise from Lamberts contains lutein which is a yellow carotenoid that is not produced in the body and therefore must be obtained from the diet or supplements. Like all carotenoids, lutein is an antioxidant and because it is concentrated in the macula of the eye, it can protect the macula tissue from harmful oxidation caused by free radicals. The reason this is so important is because the macula is responsible for the sharpness of the sight. In addition, lutein has also been shown to filter high-energy blue light that could damage the macula. Lutein plays an important role in maintaining a healthy sight. As we age, the pigmented cells in the retina become less efficient, the retina degenerates and the central vision is gradually lost. This process is known as edema-related macular degeneration. Blueberry has a long therapeutic history, and its more modern use dates back to World War II when English pilots reported that a good dose of cranberry jam ingested just before a mission significantly improved their night vision. The blackberry is a forest fruit, very rich in anthocyanidins and flavonoids, substances important for its great antioxidant activity, which allows to neutralize free radicals. For thousands of years grapes have been used by man not only for food, but also for healing purposes. The leaves: astringent and haemostatic; unripe grapes: for throat pains, and dry grapes: for constipation and anxiety. Round, sweet and ripe grapes for other disorders and infections. European shamans used them for diseases of the skin and eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin (the most important for ocular well-being) are abundant in dark green vegetables, pumpkin and red peppers; and cryptoxanthin is present in mangos, oranges, and peaches.

Facts of Eyewise from Lamberts

  • Strengthens and maintains sight and eye health.
  • High antioxidant content.
  • Protects cells from oxidative damage.
  • Improves sight.
  • Delays the onset of aging.

This recent reformulation brings a double concentration of lutein per tablet (10 mg to 20 mg), and our lutein is naturally available and in free form, ready to be absorbed (we actually declare the contribution of pure lutein and not the weight of the compound).

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet daily with food.

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