Cranberry Complex - 100g

Cranberry Complex from Lamberts is a nutritional supplement that acts as a powerful antioxidant, taking care of your body of agents that could degrade its good functioning. It is gluten-free and low in calories, it does not contain artificial colorings. It prevents possible injuries during training with this anti-inflammatory product.

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  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
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Cranberry Complex from Lamberts from the field directly to your hands to provide health and well-being to the urinary tract.

Cranberry Complex from Lamberts is concentrated in a rich and healing juice of cranberry, fresh and ripe ideal to counteract diseases related to the urinary system. Its incredible formula is accompanied by fructo-oliosaccharides and vitamin C essential for metabolism since the proteins and carbohydrates they provide make it the preferred of women because they eliminate unwanted substances from the body. Properties include proanthocyanidins (PAC), which is a group of polyphenolic compounds that are substances found in many medicinal plants.

Cranberry Complex from Lamberts is a nutritional supplement that takes full advantage of this small but great fruit that is wonderful for health, is excellent for preventing or relieving urinary tract infections and is also suitable for reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol known as bad cholesterol which is that accumulated in the walls of the arteries and prevents the blood from circulating correctly to the heart. In addition, cranberry being the main active ingredient in this supplement reduces digestive disorders, prevents the formation of stomach ulcers and slows down the aging process. This complement is unique in the market has a pleasant taste that conceals the original acidity of the fruit and has a great capacity of antioxidant notorious characterizing it in being the most powerful of the planet.

Cranberry Complex from Lamberts selects the best fruit and in its presentation you do not perceive the sour taste that originates from the cranberry. The formula is sugar free and rich in flavor. Experts in the area of health found that the consumption of cranberry improves the ability of brain cells and, in turn, prevents heart-related diseases by making it more potent in its nutritional supply of vitamins and minerals.

Facts of Cranberry Complex from Lamberts

  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Prevents discomfort and urinary tract infections.
  • Contains tannin that grants antibiotic benefits.
  • Contains FOS that acts as a prebiotic.
  • Contains no preservatives or coloring.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • Free of gluten and calories.
  • Prevent heart disease.
  • Serves as anti-inflammatory.

Cranberry Complex from Lamberts provides you with wellness, health, beauty and endless benefits becoming the best friend of any female. Its substances offer greater benefits to the point that protects the human being from the free radicals that are the cause of the aging and those diseases related to the cells. 

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take between five (5) and ten (10) grams daily and mix the powder in cold water or the juice of your choice.

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