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Chewable Calcium - 60 tabs

Chewable Calcium from Lamberts is an excellent nutritional supplement based on calcium that helps to strengthen bones, maintain bone health, prevent cardiovascular diseases and meet the daily requirements of this important nutrient. The consumption of this product is ideal for all ages and it is best that it contains vitamin D for better absorption and delivery.

    Chewable Calcium from Lamberts, better absorption and delivery for good bone maintenance.

    Chewable Calcium from Lamberts is a chewable nutritional supplement that helps to meet the requirements of calcium in the body, strengthens bones, promotes energy metabolism, helps the normal operation of digestive enzymes and muscles, and is ideal for preventing osteoporosis.

    In addition, all the advantages of vitamin D have been added to the formula to stimulate the absorption of calcium and ensure a better delivery of this essential nutrient. Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for health and proper operation of the body, even from an early age it is recommended supplementation for healthy and strong growth. Usually, calcium intake is recommended to prevent heart and bone-related diseases, maintain bone health, and participate in energy metabolism.

    Normally, calcium can be obtained mainly from dairy foods, however, sometimes food is not enough to meet daily requirements, so most nutrition specialists recommend incorporating a recommended dose of Chewable Calcium from Lamberts to prevent deficiencies and endow the body with this excellent organic element. Chewable Calcium from Lamberts is highly indicated for post-menopausal women as it helps reduce bone demineralization as a result of age, even its consumption is key to avoiding osteoporotic fractures.

    The consumption of calcium through tablets is usually quite uncomfortable due to its size or taste, especially for the elderly or children, the good news is that Lamberts brings us a comfortable presentation in chewable calcium tablets with a nice lemon flavor to make its intake much easier and the experience totally enjoyable for the whole family. Chewable Calcium from Lamberts is a supplement of the highest quality and adapted to all ages to ensure adequate calcium intake in the diet and promote good health.

    Facts of Chewable Calcium from Lamberts

    • Chewable tablets for better intake
    • Lemon flavor
    • Ensures bone and heart health
    • Prevents osteoporosis
    • Involved in energy metabolism
    • Strengthens bones
    • Meets the daily requirements of Calcium
    • Indicated for post-menopausal women and people of all ages

    From our earliest stage of life, doctors strive to let us know that we need to consume enough calcium to strengthen our bones and maintain good bone health, so it is wise to incorporate a daily dose of Chewable Calcium from Lamberts to ensure the necessary contribution and enjoy a better development.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, children take 1 tablet daily. Adults 1 or 2 tablets daily.

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