Alpha Lipoic Acid from Lamberts is a nutritional supplement that contributes to weight loss quickly and reliably. It improves sugar levels in the blood, avoiding diseases that could affect the healing of wounds, or cause damage to the eyesight, while protecting your body internally and externally.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid from Lamberts. Nutritional supplement that provides a substance similar to vitamins with a great antioxidant power.

Alpha Lipoic Acid from Lamberts contains alpha lipoic acid (ALA) or thioctic acid, is a substance similar to vitamins that has gained great importance in recent years for its ability to act as a potent antioxidant, as well as for its role in regulating glucose metabolism and the production of energy. As an antioxidant, its most important characteristic is that it acts both in fatty and aqueous environments. In addition to its antioxidant action it collaborates in the production of glutathione making a work as a general antioxidant, a hepatic detoxifier support.

Alpha Lipoic Acid also favors the absorption of glucose by the cells, great help in problems like diabetes. The excess blood glucose that occurs in diabetes leads to free radicals and oxidative processes that over time translate organ and tissue injuries, such as the retina or cardiovascular system. ALA, because of its dual function in the body, is a great supplement to support diabetes and other disorders of glucose metabolism.

Alpha Lipoic Acid from Lamberts because it is difficult to obtain effective amounts of ALA simply through a diet. The ability of the body to synthesize this substance is very limited from the diet and therefore it is difficult to obtain effective amounts of ALA. The nutritional and clinical use of lipoic acid was recognized and potentiated commercially in the mid-50s. RLA is a classic example of an orthomolecular nutrient, as Linus Pauling said. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid from Lamberts is a concentrated formula based on ALA, a powerful antioxidant that also serves as a recuperator of other antioxidants, which is why it has been commonly called "universal antioxidant." In addition, ALA improves the uptake of glucose in muscle cells and increases energy levels, as it improves the use of different energy substrates. It contains tablets that now provide a total of 300 mg of ALA, making it one of the most powerful products on the market and its tablets are manufactured under strict GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards.

Facts of Alpha Lipoic Acid from Lamberts

  • Improves blood sugar levels.
  • Decreased diabetic nerve pain (leg pain, burning ...).
  • Weightloss.
  • Wound healing.
  • Damage to the retina.
  • Complement fighting in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Improves symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • Protects the skin from sun degradation.
  • Stabilizer of the central nervous system.
  • Acts on neuropathy.

Recommended for people who want to take a supplement with antioxidant action, for elderly and sportsmen who due to a greater production of free radicals need an extra supply of antioxidants.

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to two (2) tablets daily.

Dosis 2018-08-09 22:59:40
Hola Tengo neuropatia diabetica con dolores en pierna y alcochamiento y ardor en pie, del lado izquierdo. Me han recomendado tomar ácido lipoico. Como debo tomar los dos comprimidos, juntos, separados y cuando. Saludos
Beltran 2018-08-10 10:20:41
Hola antes de nada si tiene algun tratamiento lo consultaría con su medico antes para que sea el quien le diga si lo puede combinar o no. R-ala tomaría 1 en ayunas antes del desayuno y 1 cap antes de la cena.Un saludo
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