Cooked Veal from Nature's Lean Kitchen is a food made with cuts of beef of the highest quality, 100% natural, steamed, sealed so that it does not need refrigeration, conserving all its nutrients and its flavor, besides being low in fat and being free of gluten, sugar, preservatives and artificial preservatives.

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    Cooked Veal from Nature's Lean Kitchen: ideal food and easy to prepare.

    Cooked Veal from Nature's Lean Kitchen is a food packaged in a way that does not need to be refrigerated, consequently, the whole flavor of the steamed veal is conserved, obtaining a low fat meal with a lot of nutrients and proteins, gluten free, sugars, additives or chemical preservatives that can ruin the experience of eating a delicious meal, also, that you can eat cold or hot, depending on the tastes of the consumer, in addition, you can choose from 4 fabulous flavors such as BBQ, Mexican Chile, Sweet Chile and Black Beans, which add personality and flavor to your food.

    Veal, also known as beef, is a red meat, specifically a beef of a calf that has not passed the year of life, is classified in veal of milk, veal, mutton and cattle (this last category includes the ox, the cow and the bull), this one is characterized by a tender flesh of rosaceous color, which is due to the feeding of the calf based on grass and cereals, it is possible to emphasize that it is a meat of easy digestion (because it is a tender meat with a high content of water) with a mild taste, in addition, the veal is a meat very rich in proteins and also supplies minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron, so it is recommended for people suffering from anemia.

    Facts of Cooked Veal from Nature's Lean Kitchen

    • High Quality Veal.
    • 100% natural ingredients.
    • Contains no chemical additives or preservatives.
    • Over 60 g of protein per package.
    • No refrigeration is required.
    • Low fat and sugar free.
    • Prepared by hand and steamed.
    • It can be consumed cold or hot.
    • Contains no gluten and is a food rich in amino acids.
    • 4 delicious flavors: BBQ, Mexican Chile, Sweet Chile and Black Beans.

    Cooked Veal from Nature's Lean Kitchen is the ideal food for people who are allergic to gluten and for those who want to taste great, healthy foods (because it is low in fat and free of sugar) and easy to cook, giving them the power to choose from 4 delicious flavors of veal, such as BBQ, Mexican Chile, Sweet Chile and Black Beans.

    Recommended Use: you can consume cold or hot, the instructions for cooking are as follows:

    1.- Shake the package before use, remove the cover and make some holes in the film to let out the heat when it gets hot.
    2.- Place in the microwave for 2 minutes and a half (900w), then wait 1 minute to rest.
    3.- Stir before serving.
    4.- Eat and enjoy.

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