Jungle Warfare - 90 Caps

Jungle Warfare - 90 Caps of ALRI Buy online at MOREmuscle. Jungle Warfare is the product pro-hipertrofico that we develop in the last 5 years.

What do you take it for? Gaining muscle mass and strength
How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
Size per dose From one to three services
How many times? From one to three times a day
When should it be taken? With meal/ s
Usos Gain muscle mass

Buy now Jungle Warfare - 90 Caps

Jungle Warfare is the product pro-hipertrofico that we develop in the last 5 years.
Now almost everyone knows that prohibited Anabolic\/Androgenic (AAS), prohormonales (pH) and products (PS) work quite well in helping the growth of muscle tissue, increasing the anabolic response in the muscle tissue and improving the supply of nutrients to the muscle … and most also know that they can have serious side effects on health as the descent or stop the HPTA, increase in enzymes of the liver and lipid in blood. And in addition, are banned by virtually all sports organizations of this planet. Many are willing to take these risks, but you may not necessary or there is a better option for the desired objectives.

The way in which all androgens (AAS, pH and PS are also types of androgens) operated anabolism (miotrofica activity and protein synthesis) in the muscle cells is interesting. Once an androgen is the circulatory or lymphatic system, its molecules are combined with recipients of the androgen (AR) acting as well as agonist of the AR. (the agonist provokes a response, the antagonist a stop of the response). The molecule basically delivered a message to the cell that tells you what to do. The reason why the ASA and other types of androgens are so coveted in the \"market\" is simply to the fact that delivered a message of \"making more protein\" to be larger and perform better. have (do we already mentioned the negative side?) It is possible to do this without hormones and deliver a clear message to the muscles miotrofico without paying attention to the negative side effects.

What you get in Jungle Warfare?
• Increased miotrofica activity
• Pro delivery of nutrients
• Modulation of the HPTA
• Adequate control of estrogen
• Clear Pro-hipertrofica capacity
• Anti-catabolico

Of course, our product design was intended to have a synergistic effect where the compound actions amplify each other. The result is the complex herbal miotrofico and synergistically ALRI pro-hipertofico. Also called Jungle Warfare

Mormordica Chirantia range-We use a dual specific extraction\/standardization process that allows us to use fractions agonistic insulinogenicas and non-androgenic AR are exclusive of the extraction of the Mormordica Chirantia. Thus, we encourage the Verrucosus event in lean tissue to tyraves of the two most important mechanisms without negative side effects.

ENGLISH (5a-dehydro-etiocholane-1, 4, 6-trien-3-one-17-ol)-English is a metabolite with proven oral bioavailability ATD natural non-androgenic. The result is that the body enhances the natural production of testosterone. We use our preferred the aromatase inhibitor to do this and works very well for modular, rather than cancel, estrogens. Thus, we still have an amount of estrogen for optimal growth of lean tissue and the libido, without exceeding the weight of the water and the appearance of fat food.

Conjugated (-) 3, 4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran -studies show that the (-) 3, 4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran, extracted from the root of nettle, affect positively the ratio total\/free testosterone testosterone. More free testosterone means more active testosterone, with the consequent subsequent effects.

Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract-This extract prevents the modulation to lower receivers, keeping its activity and its integrity, avoiding the loss of results over time.


Packing: 90 Tablets
Dose Pack: 90

Ingredients per dose:

Formula own Pro-hypertrophic: 250 mg
Extract \"mormondica chrantia\", conjugation-3, 4-divanilil tetrahidrfurano, English, extract conjugate coleonol.

Other ingredients:

Gelatin, dryers Micocritalina, \"Modified Cornstarch\" magnesium Stearato, Silica.



Take one tablet three times a day with meals.


  • 09/24/2013
  • adrian r

Ami este suplemento me sienta genial, aumento mi fuerza y resistencia en los entrenamientos.

    • 01/24/2013
    • Jose Miguel B

    A mi no me fue nada bien este suplemento. Retuve agua, a mitad de bote notaba malestar, que cesó en cuanto deje de tomarlo, no se, creo que no es para mi

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