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Ultra 1 color - 118ml

Ultra 1 Color by Jan Tana is the leading professional tanning product, which will give you a very attractive dark mahogany color the same day of this professional competition. It will give a really special definition and enhancement to your figure. It is ready to be applied on the day of the contest. Get ready to win!

    Ultra Color 1 by Jan Tana is the best dye that you can apply to your skin, to have an incredible hue on the day of the competition. It shows an incredible body, with a well defined color! You will have a sure victory!

    Ultra Color 1 by Jan Tana is a professional and high quality dye that will give you a dark mahogany hue in that competition for which you have worked so hard. This product is suitable for all skin types and will give your body the enhancement and definition that bodybuilding and fitness champions have. It has excellent qualities as it dries on contact with the skin, which will allow you to be ready quickly. It is possible to apply it with your hands, or with a professional airbrush. You will have an incredible tonality that will highlight your body and give you a presence that will be impossible to ignore.

    Highlight your work in the gym with Ultra Color 1 by Jan Tana. After spending many months training methodically, performing the most demanding anaerobic exercises and doing everything necessary to complete the hypertrophy cycle, surely you have already achieved the muscle volume and toning level you wanted. Now is the time to do your best in that competition for which you will be ready. There is only one detail that you have to add to your preparations. You should use a self-tanning dye that highlights the work you have done, highlighting the volume and great toning obtained.

    You can rely on the quality of Ultra Color 1 by Jan Tana. All the ingredients used have been chosen privileging skin care, in addition to offering you a very attractive tan hue. In this way you can enhance your body, also highlighting its athletic virtues. There will be no way that jurors cannot appreciate the form and balance you have achieved with your figure. This product will not stain clothing and resists skin sweating for a long time, so you won't have to worry if you're in a hot place. Achieve an incredible image and an incomparable visual volume.

    Ultra Color 1 by Jan Tana properties

    • Define and enhance the muscles.
    • It provides an incredible mahogany color.
    • It dries on contact with the skin.
    • Does not stain clothes.
    • It can be applied by hand or with airbrush

    Ultra Color 1 by Jan Tana is the self-tanning professional quality that you have to use in those competitions or contests that you expect so much. It is a product suitable for all types of epidermis. Even the lightest shades. You can easily apply it on the day of the competition. It dries immediately and leaves no marks on the clothes. Give your body volume a really prominent look. It is ideal for use in fitness or bodybuilding or in any discipline in which it is important to highlight the skin. Just try it and you will see the results!

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