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Jan Tana Color Collection

Only one application in the morning of the competition and you will leave with the Winning Color Fast and easy to apply.

    Jan Tana® Ultra 1 Collection

    With Jan Tana® Ultra 1 Collection you will get a winning suntan in fast and easy way

    • Only one application in the morning of the competition and you will leave with the Winning Color
    • Fast and easy to apply. It dries instantaneously
    • It does not stain like other dyes of competition

    Jan Tana® Ultra 1 - Competition Color for bodybuilders includes:

    • Jan Tana Skin Prep  88ml
    • Jantana Ultra 1 - competition color 88 ml
    • Jan Tana Tanning Puff
    • Jan Tana Deep Moistourizer
    • Jan Tana Hi-Definition Glaze

    How to apply the products of Jan Tana? Ultra 1 - Competition Color?

    In order to obtain the authentic suntan of the winners, you will only have to do the following steps meticulously:

    • Step 1: Use Jan Tana? Skin to exfoliate and to neutralize the skin. Use it 3-4 times the week previous the competici?n to renew and to refine the texture for a more healthful and radiating appearance. ?se it immediately before applying the Jan Tana? Ultra Color 1. Do not forget to also scrub your back! DO NOT USE deodorant or any other thing in your skin, since it could elevate the PH and change the competition color.
    • Step 2: After your bath apply the Jan Tana? Deep Moistourizer to nourish and to prepare the skin for the absorption of the color Jan Tana. Apply IT generously in the knees, elbows, feet and hands since those areas will absorb more color. Use it daily one week or two before the competition to assure a smooth skin and an even absorption.
    • Step 3: Smooth down the Jan Tana? Ultra 1 on your skin with the blowpipe applicator of suntan following the contour of each muscle. Appy the color smoothly in hands, elbows and feet, mixing the color as dye.
    • Step 4: For the bodybuilders, after pumping in backstage, put 3-5 drops of Jan Tana? Hi-Definition Glaze in the palms of the hands. Rub the palms to warm up the glaze and smooth down on the body with moderation smoothly on the contour of muscles, You will need more Glace for each part of the body. The Glaze will make your color waterproof and will harden the light for a maximum definition. Be care of not apply too much Glace. It is not absorbed in the skin like oils. Apply it only once.

    Notes: Do not apply other suntan oil before or after using the Jan Tana dye. Do not use oils, sprays or any other product on Jan Tana. Do not use deodorant, neither before nor after applying the color. The deodorant elevates the PH and the armpits can become green.

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