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Jan Tana Glaze from Jan Tana is the shine and color that every bodybuilder wants to highlight all the beauty of his muscles before a competition. Just spraying the skin minutes before the action is enough to enjoy all its advantages and show a well-formed and worked muscles, thus demonstrating the results of your workouts in a big way.

    Jan Tana Glaze from Jan Tana highlights the entire contour of your muscles and get a winning tan.

    Jan Tana Glaze from Jan Tana is a competition dye that is used in bodybuilding to highlight and show in a more defined way the whole contour of the muscles, in addition, thanks to its tan and satin color, it is the ideal product to obtain a more striking skin appearance than natural skin.

    Every bodybuilder who has spent many hours of effort in a gym and under a strict diet knows that competitions are his only opportunity to showcase all his work, so Jan Tana Glaze is exactly what they need to achieve it.

    Generally, natural skin does not show the lines of definition of muscles, either because it does not have enough brightness or is not properly moisturized, but there is no reason to lose your temper, nowadays have display dyes especially for bodybuilder such as Jan Tana Glaze is an excellent opportunity to show the judges all the beauty and aesthetics of well sculpted muscles.

    With a single amount of Jan Tana Glaze is enough to achieve the tanning effect that is needed for competitions, and the good news is that it does not stain clothes, is made with the best perspiration-proof ingredients and is easily absorbed. Sprinkling a little skin days before the event is more than enough to enjoy its benefits. Now, preparing the skin with Jan Tana has to do it right to really get that winning color that every bodybuilder dreams of. Among the most basic precautions to follow before applying Jan Tana Glaze is to opt for an appropriate exfoliation or cleansing to remove the remains of dead skin and give a hydration touch again. On the other hand, it is also essential to ensure that the dermis is thoroughly dry before applying Jan Tana Glaze, and finally, the product is evenly applied. 

    Facts of Jan Tana Glaze from Jan Tana

    • About 118 ml of competition dye to highlight muscle lines
    • Transpiration proof
    • Does not stain or soil
    • Easy to apply and absorb
    • Instantly tanned and shiny skin

    A muscular body is a trophy that not anyone wins, much less is achieved in a few days, for this reason, highlight all its beauty and the effort it represents with a good display dye as it is Jan Tana Glaze is all that a bodybuilder needs to succeed and win that event he dreams of so much.

    Recommended use: Apply directly to the palms of the hands, rub until heated and spread gently on the muscles to be highlighted.

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