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Hi-Def color - 118ml

Hi-Def Color by Jan Tana is a professional self tanner that will give your skin an incredible definition. Get a wonderful dark hue that will highlight your muscles. It is suitable for all types of epidermis and comes with a handy sprayer, which is very easy to use. It provides an incredible shine to your body. Test it!

    Hi-Def Color by Jan Tana will give a superior enhancement to your skin. Highlight your muscular volume and your athletic body with a really dark and striking color. It is also very easy to apply!

    Hi-Def Color by Jan Tana is a high quality self tanner, which will give your muscles a superior boost. It offers an excellent definition for all skin types. You will not find another product that gives you a professional shine to highlight your body in the most important competitions, in which the most demanding juries will evaluate you. This dye is easily applied to the skin. It comes with a sprayer that will facilitate its application. Act immediately, so you only have to apply it on the day of the contest. It will provide you with the security and confidence that only winners have.

    If you want to enhance your body in a contest you have to use Hi-Def Color by Jan Tana. A tone rich in definition will help you highlight every detail in the toning of your body. It is the detail you need to complement the extensive training that you have developed in the gym for a long time. Only a mahogany color, which also has brightness will show how you really look. It will give very striking dimensions to your figure that already has an athletic form. Complete the transformation you have worked for so long, and dazzle with all your incredible physical potential. Do not be afraid to show yourself big, if you have at your disposal this incredible professional temptation.

    You will be ready for the contest that same day with Hi-Def Color by Jan Tana. It is a self tanner really easy to use. The day before you just have to bathe to prepare your epidermis. Do not use lotions or deodorants. Apply the self-tanning base first and then shine and a superior definition with this product. It is highly recommended to place yourself on a towel to prevent excess dew from soiling the floor. You must apply it twice if you want to have a high definition effect on your skin. This will give you an incredible tonality that ... even you will be blown away!

    Hi-Def Color by Jan Tana properties

    • It provides a dark color with high definition.
    • It comes with an easy to use sprayer.
    • Highlights the brightness of the self-tapping base.
    • It is sweat resistant.

    Hi-Def Color by Jan Tana is an incredible self tan that will give your skin an amazing definition. Highlights excellent bodybuilding through an intense and vivacious color. This product is easily applied and dried immediately. It also has a high resistance to sweating, so a competition in a hot place is not really a problem. Do you want to be ready for the win? This is the product you should use!

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