Liquid L-Carnitina 2000mg from Isostar is a sports supplement based on L-Carnitine in liquid format, suitable for those who wish to incorporate a high energy source to their workouts, eliminate accumulated fat and prevent catabolism. It comes in a comfortable pack of 20 vials of 25 ml to facilitate the dosage and the intake when the moment requires it.

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Liquid L-Carnitina 2000mg from Isostar favors the transformation of fats into energy and prevents catabolism.

Liquid L-Carnitina 2000mg from Isostar is a sports supplement based on L-Carnitine in liquid form that helps burn fat and then transforms it into energy, in addition, improves performance and protects muscles against degradation. It comes in comfortable individual 20x25 ml formats, ready to take, dosage management when training and making it ideal to take anywhere. For those who did not know and are just beginning in the world of sports or fitness, L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body to eliminate accumulated fat and use it as fuel to produce energy. Normally, it occurs naturally in the body, mainly in the kidneys and liver, but is stored to a greater extent in skeletal muscle.

We can obtain this nutrient from meats, dairy products, fish and some vegetables, however, the demands in the physical practice are much higher, so it is recommended supplementation of such amino acid with Liquid L-Carnitina 2000mg from Isostar to meet the requirements and obtain good results. Taking it will help the body to obtain an effective fuel, and best of all, is that it is quickly and simply thanks to its advanced formula enriched with vitamins B1, B5 and B6, which promote the absorption of nutrients and stimulate the energy metabolism. As for its flavor, it has nothing to envy to other brands, as it is available in lemon and in comfortable formats in single-dose of 25 ml to take anywhere and easily. L-Carnitine liquid 2000 mg can be combined with other Isostar supplements to take advantage of, such as post-training with a complex carbohydrate composition, protein and various nutrients to further protect the muscles and promote a correct recovery.

Facts of Liquid L-Carnitina 2000mg from Isostar

  • A base of L-Carnitine in liquid format and enriched with vitamins B1, B5 and B6
  • Transforms fat into energy
  • High source of vitality during exercise
  • Protects the muscles of catabolism
  • Helps lose weight or define
  • Improves physical performance
  • Convenient 25 ml single dose format for easy ingestion
  • 20x25 ml pack for easy dosing
  • Nice lemon flavor

Isostar is a brand of supplements highly recognized for its activity in sports nutrition. This time, it brings us the best presentation of L-Carnitine in liquid format to provide good effectiveness in training and achieve goals in the gym.

Recommended Use: take 1 vial (25 ml) daily, preferably 30 minutes prior to physical activity. Do not use as a substitute for a diet, after consultation with a specialist.

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