Liquid L-Carnitine from Isostar is perfect for those who practice sports. It gives the body L-carnitine, a substance that helps convert fat deposits into energy source for body activity. In this way, athletes are able to have strength and vitality for their physical activities.

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Liquid L-Carnitine from Isostar improves metabolism of fats and boots your energy.

Liquid L-Carnitine from Isostar is sold commercially in a convenient format of vials that facilitate both dosage and intake at any time.

Its essential function is to use the reserves of fats contained in the body with the intention of dissolving them and getting them to become energy. In this way, you achieve a pair of benefits that are unquestionable. In the first place, it makes that those who practice athletic activities always have at hand a supplement that helps them to boost the energy necessary for the physical activity. It also happens that the achievement of these energy levels is achieved at the mitochondrial level, because L-carnitine helps the lipids are carried into the cells to be transformed into energy. In this way, it is possible to eliminate the fats that can lead to overweight and cardiovascular problems with the passage of time. In addition, it allows glycogen stores to last longer, thus allowing increased muscle endurance and fatigue.

The issue of vitality, strength and energy is inherent in sports practice. Therefore, it is necessary to have supplements that allow athletes to have an energy supply capable of helping them achieve their demanding goals. To that effect, Liquid L-Carnitine from Isostar perfectly meets those needs. Its primary function is to provide the body with an adequate dose of L-carnitine. It happens that this substance is responsible for mobilizing fats to the interior of the mitochondria, where they are converted into energy. This in turn leads to better storage of glycogen, which helps to avoid the symptoms of muscle fatigue. Therefore, it is possible to prolong the physical activity for longer and obtain better results in the training programs. To this it is added that the formula of this product has been enriched with vitamin B1, which intervenes in the adequate energy metabolism, as well as in the more efficient uptake of proteins and in the generation of glycogen.

Facts of Liquid L-Carnitine from Isostar

  • Provides L-carnitine to the body
  • Contains vitamin B
  • Delicious lemon flavor
  • Helps to burn fats and convert them into energy
  • Provide the body with strength and vitality
  • Prevents overweight
  • Counteracts cardiovascular problems

Fats generate many health problems in the body. Thanks to this product, they stop becoming a problem and become a source of energy for the body.

Recommended Use: consume 1 vial (25 ml) a day, 30 minutes before starting physical activity. It is not a substitute for diet, but a metabolic catalyst.

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