Isostar Pulse - 6 x 23g

Isostar Pulse from Isostar is a product created to attend to the energy demand that is created in the body during the performance of sports and physical training of high demand or prolonged time; Offer energy immediately without disrupting the digestive system or disrupting physical performance.

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Isostar Pulse from Isostar, ideal for giving energy and vitality to the body.

The energy bars Isostar Pulse from Isostar are the perfect formula to provide the body with a combination energy of fast assimilation and slow release and thus providing immediate energy for better performance during workouts or competitions, while at the same time providing energy release gradually during physical activity. These delicious bars are ideal for endurance athletes, active people or sportsmen, who want to provide energy to the body quickly and easily before or during training or competition. It can even be used if you want to help a much faster recovery after the end of physical activity.

Isostar Pulse from Isostar guarantees the best contribution of energy thanks to its composition of simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates; In addition to a structure rich in vitamins B1, B2, PP, B6 and C that help transform food into energy. On the other hand, vitamins E and B2 influence the antioxidant protection of cellular components. The energy bars from Isostar offer a boost of energy during sports activities, for those who perform sports or constant training these rich chocolate bars are the perfect ally to provide the body with energy and vitality necessary to prevent accelerated wear of the cellular tissue and energy in general.

Facts of Isostar Pulse from Isostar

  • Energy distribution of 5% Proteins, 70% Carbohydrates and 25% Fat.
  • Provides energy immediately for physical activity.
  • Contributes to the increase of the endurance during the trainings and important physical activities.
  • Optimizes body recovery after performing physical activity.
  • Provides simple and complex carbohydrates equitably for a better effect.
  • Super light and easy to carry.
  • Delicious chocolate flavor.

Isostar Pulse from Isostar offers an energetic impulse necessary to have a greater endurance during the performance of workouts and physical activities of high demand, its balanced composition of carbohydrates and vitamins give the body the energy that it needs during the development of different physical activities. Ideal for all those athletes whose routines are intense and prolonged. 

Recommended Use: in the case of activities or sports for leisure and fun (hiking to the mountain), it is best to take a snack 15 minutes before the start of the activity. When it comes to training sessions, it is ideal to consume a snack after 45 minutes. For intense efforts and activities, it is recommended to eat one bar before starting and another during the activity. Take with a drink and do not exceed the recommended dose.

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