Hydrate & Perform Sensitive Digest Plus from Isostar is an isotonic drink. It achieves effective rehydration in those who practice sports activities. It has a neutral PH, which guarantees that it does not generate acidity or irritation of the stomach. Also, with four excellent carbohydrates that help to give energy to the body.

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Hydrate & Perform Sensitive Digest Plus from Isostar, ideal for rehydration and energizing the body during intense sports.

Hydrate & Perform Sensitive Digest Plus from Isostar is designed for those who make long-term sports. These are people who require good rehydration to achieve their athletic goals. In addition, it is especially designed for those who have a delicate digestive system and are susceptible to colic, irritation when consuming isotonic drinks. In other words, it is a sensitive mixture that completely facilitates digestion and prevents stomach problems. To top it off, it has a combination of four carbohydrates (maltodextrin, fructose, sucrose and dextrose) that provides the body with a source of continuous energy that allows continuous intense body activity. Without question, Hydrate & Perform Sensitive Digest Plus from Isostar has enough benefits and solves many of the problems faced by those who meet demanding training routines. It all comes down to having three very positive aspects: it allows rapid hydration, is designed to avoid digestive consequences and also provides energy for sports performance.

One of the great challenges for athletes who play athletic programs is the subject of hydration. People who run marathons, cyclists that run several miles, soccer players who are a long time on the court and other sports disciplines oblige those who practice to be attentive to rehydrate. For this reason, the so-called isotonic drinks were invented, which have the peculiarity that they can be absorbed by the body faster than water. This is because they have a composition of salts and electrolytes similar to those of the digestive system. However, sometimes these types of liquids cause intolerance. To address this, Hydrate & Perform Sensitive Digest Plus from Isostar has been created. This drink is characterized by its multi-flavor and its formula with a neutral PH that prevents any type of acidity. It is also very refreshing and moisturizes the body very quickly. Highly recommended for anyone who practices intense sports, as it happens that also provides body energy thanks to its composition contains several carbohydrates with contribution of slow-absorption calories.

Facts of Hydrate & Perform Sensitive Digest Plus from Isostar

  • Isotonic Drink
  • Fast rehydration of the body
  • With neutral PH to avoid acidity and stomach problems
  • Contains 4 carbohydrates in its formula
  • Provides energy for physical activity
  • Multi-flavor
  • Ideal for athletes

Isotonic drinks allow to be absorbed faster than water. In this case, in addition to this objective, care is taken to the digestive system to avoid generating acidity, distention or colic.

Recommended use: while warming up: 150 ml every 15 min. Then, after two hours of exercise, consume the same amount of 150 ml every 15 min.

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