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Hydrate & Perform - 400g

Hydrate & Perform from Isostar is a fast-dissolving energizing powder that is very easy to prepare. Thanks to its isotonic properties, it maintains body hydration at optimal levels, increases energy and restores electrolytes that are lost while performing physical activities.

    Hydrate & Perform from Isostar, hydration and performance in a drink.

    Hydrate & Perform de Isostar is an isotonic powder solution designed to supply athletes and sportsmen with immediate hydration and extra energy during the most demanding physical training. Its advanced formula allows to replace all the electrolytes that are often lost when practicing high intensity physical exercises or for long periods of time, making it ideal for long workouts or explosive exercises that require every effort. It does not contain any hormones among its ingredients, so it offers total anti-doping guarantee, making it a valuable sports supplement recommended by thousands of athletes, sportsmen and coaches. Its hydrating formula of fast absorption makes it ideal for those periods of training that are carried out in warm climates, thus avoiding decompensation or low sugar during sports practices.

    An important part of the performance of athletes and sportsmen in their workout routines is the hydration they must maintain during the time of exercise. Hydrate & Perform from Isostar, besides guaranteeing a fast and effective hydration, also supplies extra energy to the athlete, thus allowing a longer duration in the trainings thanks to its content of carbohydrates of high technology and rapid assimilation. Its rich mineral salt content and vitamin B1 make it the ideal choice for the replacement of lost electrolytes through sweat due to intense or prolonged exercises, so that Hydrate & Perform from Isostar is a reliable, effective and totally safe sports supplement which will help you carry out your workout routines correctly and much more energetically. Elaborated by the Isostar company, leader in sports supplementation you will have guarantee of security, confidence, effectiveness and of course, the maximum quality.

    Facts of Hydrate & Perform from Isostar

    • Immediate hydration thanks to its rapid assimilation
    • Increases energy and endurance
    • Restores lost electrolytes through sweat
    • Rich in vitamin B1 for rapid metabolization of carbohydrates
    • Stimulates muscle regeneration
    • 100% hormone free, anti-doping guarantee
    • 150 calories per dose
    • Fat free
    • Advanced isotonic formula

    A fast and safe way to replenish your energy and to keep you for more time training with the intensity you require thanks to Hydrate & Perform from Isostar, maximum quality and energy in your hands.

    Recommended Use: Dilute 3 tablespoons (included) in 500ml of water and consume 150ml every 15 minutes during and after training.

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