Fruit & Carbs Energy Actifood from Isostar is the perfect ally for endurance or prolonged exercise as it provides a good input of energy and nutrients to achieve goals and improve performance. Delicious undiluted fruit-flavored drink and enriched with carbohydrates and vitamins C, E and B1 for greater benefits.

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Fruit & Carbs Energy Actifood from Isostar: undiluted fruit-flavored fast-assimilation drink.

Fruit & Carbs Energy Actifood from Isostar is a undiluted energy drink with a delicious fruit flavor and fast digestibility. Enriched with carbohydrates and with an excellent input of vitamins C, E and B1 to meet the sporting needs and provide an optimal preparation for endurance or intense exercises. In sport, carbohydrates and glycogen are the source of energy to supply the body and stimulate it to perform different physical activities: from the most basic to the most intense as it is in the case of athletes.

To that effect, Fruit & Carbs Energy Actifood from Isostar with its rich energy formula, approximately 97% input by carbohydrates, becomes the best ally for endurance and prolonged exercises. Taking an adequate portion of this energy gel is key to being able to perform an adequate training without thinking about fatigue or tiredness. Its vitamin C, E and B1 content brings greater benefits when it comes to ingesting Fruit & Carbs Energy Actifood from Isostar Firstly, vitamin C in conjunction with those in group B1 helps to transform food into energy, speed up the process of recovery and reduce fatigue in the event of an energy deficit. As for vitamin E, it participates in the antioxidant protection of cells. Fruit & Carbs Energy Actifood from Isostar, unlike other traditional products or drinks, stands out for its texture and flavor, with an exclusive recipe that includes authentic and fresh fruit pieces. It comes in flexible format, in strong and disposable sachets that make it easy to carry the best energy concentrate to any place and use before, during or after sports activity.

Facts of Fruit & Carbs Energy Actifood from Isostar

  • Fruit-flavored energy drink.
  • Enriched with carbohydrates and vitamins C, E and B1.
  • Fast digestibility.
  • Ideal for endurance or prolonged sports.
  • Stimulates recovery and prevents tiredness.
  • Improves physical performance.
  • Nice texture and with fresh diced fruit.
  • Helps an excellent preparation before beginning an exercise routine.
  • 90 g format in flexible and disposable sachet for easy consumption.

To improve sports performance and achieve good results it is necessary to increase energy deposits in muscles and there is no better alternative to achieve it than to take a delicious sachet of Fruit & Carbs Energy Actifood from Isostar before, during and after sports.

Recommended Use: take 1 sachet (90 g) during physical training, preferably for intense and long-lasting workouts. Before swallowing, shake and remove the cap. One or more units could be consumed per day, depending on individual requirements.

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