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Fast Hydration - 500ml

Fast Hydration from Isostar is an isotonic drink rich in Vitamin B and minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which rehydrates the body in periods of high, intense and prolonged physical activity which lead us to greatly consume our energy deposits and lose nutrients by means of the sweat, in addition, that optimizes the recovery after exercise.

    Fast Hydration from Isostar, ideal for all those people who perform intense and prolonged activities and exercises because it replenishes the body energy.

    When the human body performs physical exercise loses fluids through sweat, in these fluids are water and minerals, such as chlorine, sodium and potassium, which are important and required to achieve a good physical performance, for this reason we get exhausted faster or take us longer to recover, thanks to this type of drinks we can recover carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals we lose during physical activity, in addition to replenishe energy deposits quickly, it helps balance glucose levels and have a better assimilation of water.

    Fast Hydration from Isostar is an isotonic drink ready to drink, free of artificial fats, colorings and flavorings that can damage the experience, also contains Vitamin B in its specialized formula, which plays a fundamental role in energy metabolism, transforming carbohydrates into glucose, thus replenishing the body energy, also, this drink provides 2 important minerals for good physical performance, calcium and magnesium, which help to get a correct muscle function during physical activities, however intense and prolonged it may be, and a good recovery after this. This drink provides vitamins and minerals in a simple and fast way to replenish all nutrients lost through sweat and thus increase physical performance, in addition to replenishing energy deposits and accelerate recovery after a period of intense training.

    Facts of Fast Hydration from Isostar

    • Isotonic formula drink.
    • Contains no artificial colorings or flavorings.
    • Fat free.
    • Rich in Vitamin B and supplies minerals to the body especially Calcium and Magnesium.
    • Facilitates the correct hydration of the organism.
    • Recharges energy deposits quickly and maintains good physical performance during workouts.
    • Speeds up the recovery period and decreases the risk of constipation and other types of stomach problems.
    • Boosts endurance during exercise and is ideal for intense and prolonged physical activity.
    • In 2 delicious flavors: Orange and Lemon.

    Fast Hydration from Isostar is an ideal isotonic drink for athletes and sportsmen of high performance, for those who train for long and intense days, or simply if you practice sports in a warm climate where sweating and consequently the loss of nutrients through body fluids is abundant, in addition, that you can choose between 2 delicious and refreshing citrus flavors: Orange and Lemon.

    Recommended Use: it should be taken during the warm-up phase (150 to 300 ml) as well as during and after training (150 ml every 15 minutes).

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