Energy Shot from Isostar, in its presentation of 60 ml, is ideal to recover after a hard sports training. It provides the body with immediate energy. It has the stimulants caffeine, guarana and ginseng, and also, a good dose of vitamins C and B1.

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Energy Shot from Isostar, powerful source of immediate energy to replenish mineral salts and energize the body.

Energy Shot from Isostar is sold in 60 ml format. It is a drink with a very special quality: it works as a single dose and its function is to provide the body with an immediate amount of energy. When ingested, a total of 70 kcal are consumed and are absorbed immediately by the body. These come from carbohydrates and provide rapid and explosive body power that allows immediate improvement of sports performance. It also contains caffeine, guarana and ginseng. These three substances are recognized stimulants of the human body. In addition, they raise the mental concentration index and allow to be more awake to face diverse situations. In addition, this drink also includes a good amount of vitamin C, which acts as an unbeatable antioxidant. It also helps reduce tiredness, the feeling of muscle fatigue and strengthens both bones and joints.

After an intense day of sports, every athlete ends up exhausted. Many times, to continue with a exercise program requires an energy dose that helps an immediate recovery. This is achieved thanks to the consumption of Energy Shot from Isostar. It contains vitamins, substances and minerals that make the body to energize immediately, without needing to wait long minutes to get better. Therefore, every athlete can use this supplement to cope with extreme fatigue, at the end of a race, marathon or after an intense exercise routine.

Among the ingredients of this drink are caffeine, guarana and ginseng. It is a trio of recognized stimulants. It also has vitamin C and B1, which complement the functions of body recovery. However, the most important thing is that it immediately gives the body 70 kcal which serves as fuel needed to generate energy, power and speed. Finally, it contains vitamin B1, which plays the role of getting the body to catch the substances mentioned above more quickly. In this way, Energy Shot from Isostar behaves as an excellent energy source for those moments of extreme fatigue that every athlete suffers at certain times.

Facts of Energy Shot from Isostar

  • Sold in packet of 60 ml
  • Provides 70 kcal of carbohydrates
  • Contains caffeine, guarana and ginseng
  • Vitamins C and B1
  • Helps physical recovery
  • Instant power
  • Perfect for all athletes

Thanks to this energy drink, you get a dose of power that helps to immediately leave the state of fatigue. Ideal to recover from a hard workout.

Recommended use: drink after intense physical activity, accompanied by some water to improve and accelerate rehydration.

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