Cereal Max Energy from Isostar, in its presentation of 3 boxes of 55 grams, is perfect for endurance athletes. Its consumption allows to prolong the physical activity, since it gives the body a good dose of calories that allow to continue with strength and without fatigue. It also provides several vitamins and proteins that prevent muscle mass decrease.

Cereal max energy 3 x 55g

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Cereal Max Energy from Isostar: source of energy and endurance to empower the athlete.

Cereal Max Energy from Isostar is sold in format of three bars of 55 grams each. It is a nutritional supplement designed to meet the energy requirements of endurance athletes. It provides the excellent amount of 217 kcal per bar. It is a perfect amount of energy to recover after an intense workout routine. In addition, it contains a proportion of 60% carbohydrates, 16% protein and 23% fat. Its main components are cereals such as rice, wheat, oat flakes and soy. All this is supplemented by an important amount of vitamins B₁, B₂, B₆, niacin, C and E. In this way, it is possible to consume a powerful antioxidant that keeps diseases at bay, recovers muscle tissues and also retards the natural process of aging to combat free radicals. Finally, it is necessary to say that the amount of proteins included manage to avoid the catabolism, that is to say, the decrease of muscle mass caused by the wear of intense physical activity. All these properties, make Cereal Max Energy from Isostar "the supplement".

One of the great challenges for athletes who perform long-lasting activities is to maintain their body endurance. The symptoms of exhaustion are difficult to cope with and therefore it is necessary to rest. The problem is that sometimes fatigue requires a very long rest process, in which time is lost and both the benefits of exercise and overall competitive performance are wasted. To solve this type of inconvenience, it has been created supplements such as Cereal Max Energy from Isostar. It contains a large number of calories of slow absorption, ie, they are slowly synthesized by the body in the form of lipids. In this way, they give the athlete more power to run, jump or do repetitions without falling exhausted. Also, its contents of vitamins B₁, B₂, B₆, niacin, C and E make proteins more quickly used as a material to replenish muscle tissue. Therefore, it is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell destruction and controls the appearance of free radicals.

Facts of Cereal Max Energy from Isostar

  • Sold in packetes of 3 bars of 55 grams each
  • Designed for endurance athletes
  • 217 kcal per bar
  • Main ingredients: rice, wheat, oat flakes and soy
  • Input of vitamins: B₁, B₂, B₆, niacin, C and E
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Reduces fatigue in athletes

Cereal Max Energy from Isostar helps to recover energy after an exhausting workout. Perfect for those who play intense sports.

Recommended use: before starting a sports routine and then eating smaller servings when you feel symptoms of tiredness in physical activity.

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