BCAA + Glutamine from Isotar is an ideal food supplement for bodybuilders and athletes who perform workouts or participate in competitions where weightlifting is included, as this product increases your strength and energy, avoiding the effects of muscle catabolism.

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BCAA + Glutamine from Isostar. Enjoy the growth and repair of muscle tissue increasing your strength and decreasing the appearance of muscle catabolism.

BCAA + Glutamine from Isostar is an elaboration based on 3 branched amino acids (BCAAs: L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and - Valine) and L-Glutamine which participates in the formation of the proteins that reinforce the maintenance of the muscle mass through the physical activity, diminishing the fatigue and contributing to the beginning of recovery in an immediate way; Glutamine is also a good muscle recuperator, due to the function that has as a muscle pH balancer, makes the recovery faster and more effective so that at the time of training the muscles respond and develop properly.

BCAA + Glutamine from Isostar, BCAAs are considered essential amino acids that make up about one-third of the amino acids present in the skeletal muscle proteins, meanwhile that most amino acids can only be used as a source of energy in the liver, BCAAs ( L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine and L-Valine) and L-Glutamine can be used directly by the muscles so that ingesting amino acids while performing training or competition offers various attributes such as avoiding muscle catabolism improving performance and protecting restoration and promoting protein synthesis.

BCAA + Glutamine from Isostar. Glutamine is an amino acid with great capacity to produce muscle glycogen and maintain an exact nitrogen balance in the body to be able to possess a great anticatabolic action when subjecting the muscles to a routine of intense exercises and cause great physical fatigue and muscle pain, on the other hand, it is interesting to note that L-Glutamine is not only indispensable in the field of sports performance and recovery but it also has as main function in the immune system against infections and in the digestive system.

Facts of BCAA + Glutamine from Isostar

  • Reduces muscle catabolism.
  • Helps create and recover muscle tissues.
  • Promotes a better sports performance.
  • Protects the immune system against infections.
  • Helps the development of muscles.
  • Supports muscle recovery faster.
  • Decreases muscle fatigue.
  • Increases strength and energy to lift more weight.

BCAA + Glutamine from Isostar, with this product you will have a super energizing effect when performing your daily exercise routine and also the anticatabolic result of the BCAAs with that of glutamine so it would be a great complement in the stage of calorie reduction, on the other hand, with this mixture you will have well developed muscles. It increases strength by increasing muscle size and avoiding breakage of muscle tissues while performing intense exercises, so your muscles do not easily give up thanks to nitrogen that lowers glycogen and protein.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules before and 4 after training.

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