After Sports Recovery Bar from Isostar is sold in 40-gram format. It is ideal for athletes who do endurance training. Designed for athletes to overcome the recovery phase, it helps to restore energy. It has a good dose of proteins that help prevent muscle tissue wear. It provides minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

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After Sports Recovery Bar from Isostar. Maximize recovery and regain your energy after your workouts.

After Sports Recovery Bar from Isostar is sold in packets of 40 grams. It is a food designed to improve the recovery phase of athletes. In particular, it plays important roles in the field of endurance sports. It has a very high protein content that prevents the so-called muscle catabolism, that is, the loss of muscle mass due to the physical wear. Likewise, it has carbohydrates that manage to replenish the energy used in sports training.

It is important to mention that it maintains glycogen stores and replenishes both vitamins and minerals lost during sweating. It contains vitamins C, E and B2, which serve as important antioxidants in cellular processes. For this reason, After Sports Recovery Bar from Isostar delays the natural aging process, as it prevents body cells from breaking down. On the contrary, it helps to renew them. Along with the above, it contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium that improve water absorption, boost rehydration and minimize the effects of muscle fatigue.

Recovery is an important factor in any sports activity. Exercise patterns require a certain amount of routines to achieve results. However, if people exhaust quickly and fail to recover, it is impossible for them to meet all the requirements of a training program. For this reason, products such as After Sports Recovery Bar from Isostar have been developed. Its consumption allows athletes to overcome the exhaustion quickly and have the energy to continue with their bodily tasks. This is achieved with the incorporation of many proteins, which are the raw material with which the body replaces the muscle cells worn by physical activity. It also contains minerals that favor the absorption of H2O. In this way, the necessary rehydration is achieved, which favors recovery. Finally, it should be mentioned that it gives the organism vitamins C, E and B2, which help proteins to be assimilated more quickly and avoid the effects of so-called muscle catabolism.

Facts of After Sports Recovery Bar from Isostar

  • Sold in packets of 40 grams
  • Made from glucose syrup and lactose proteins
  • Provides lots of protein
  • Prevents muscle catabolism
  • Vitamins C, E and B2
  • Minerals: calcium and magnesium
  • Improves rehydration
  • Restores body energy
  • Maintains glucose reserves

Perfect food bars to recover after a strong workout or athletic activity. They provide proteins that prevent muscle tissue wear. They provide energy to keep levels at an optimum for further training.

Recommended Use: it should be consumed within the first 15 minutes after a physical activity, with a drink.

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