ISO Elite is an advanced product developed by Iron Muscle containing a formula created from the most efficient proteins market. ISO Elite from Iron Muscle stimulates the growth of muscle tissue in the human body, thus achieving better results on every workout. This product is made with top quality raw material.

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ISO Elite from Iron Muscle promotes the growth of muscles, improving performance by 100%.

ISO Elite from Iron Muscle is created with proteins that act effectively in the body.

Iron Muscle has developed one of the most advanced muscle-building products on the market, with a formula developed from the most efficient proteins that exist in the market. 

ISO Elite from Iron Muscle is created to give 100% yield on each training, thus supporting muscle growth to achieve the objectives. Recent studies indicate that Iso Elite contains a high-quality raw material, source 100% dairy products and is manufactured with filtration processes that produce less denaturalization. ISO Elite from Iron Muscle is a product that provides the body with more than 27 grams of whey protein CFM, approximately 30 grams ingested per serving. It is also designed to be easily and quickly absorbed by the body.

ISO Elite from Iron Muscle has a formula with highly hydrolyzed and denatured protein, achieving a real amino acid profile. 

This product developed by Iron Muscle does not distort, because it has in its formulation a number of digestive enzymes, whose function is to fragment the cells of proteins, which achieves an increase in the speed of assimilation. It also helps muscle recovery, also improving digestion. 

ISO Elite from Iron Muscle contains up to 92% protein isolate per 100 grams, contains neither sugar, carbohydrate nor fat. It also has an top quality exquisite taste. 

Iron Muscle has designed ISO Elite to stimulate dry muscle gain and ultra fast assimilation.

Each serving of ISO Elite contains 17.5% of glutamic acid and 23% of BCAA.

This dietary supplement is made with the highest quality proteins available in the world, achieving a product of rapid assimilation and contains no fat, no sugar and no trace of lactose.

Facts of ISO Elite from Iron Muscle

  • Generates greater gains in muscle tissue.
  • Is a supplement of rapid assimilation, easily digestible and delicious taste.

ISO Elite from Iron Muscle complete amino acid profile, high manufacturing quality and excellent flavor. This formula stimulates muscle growth.


Recommended use: ISO Elite from Iron Muscle should be consumed by mixing 30 or 60 grams, one or two tablespoons in 150 to 250 ml of cold water or milk. It is advisable to ingest 2 doses a day, on waking up and after the training.

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Reviews ISO Elite - 1.8 kg

  • 12/08/2016

Buena proteína,gran sabor chocolate, después de entrenar.

    • 06/30/2016

    Muy buenas proteinas, agradable sabor y buen resultado.

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