Basic Whey ,developed by Iron Muscle, is a dietary supplement that contains a formula with 100% whey protein enriched with macronutrients and essential amino acids. Basic Whey from Iron Muscle provides the body with the energy needed to optimally perform the activities of daily.

Basic whey - 2 kg

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    What do you take it for? Recovery and muscle growth
    How is it taken? With water or milk
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? On an empty stomach and after training
    Usos Recovery

    Basic Whey from Iron Muscle helps the body withstand the intense or prolonged effort effectively.

    Basic Whey from Iron Muscle delays the first symptoms of fatigue and facilitates muscle recovery.

    Iron Muscle has designed the formulation of Basic Whey from Iron Muscle with whey protein and a minimum of sugar, thus creating a product that suits every person every day. Basic Whey is mainly an exquisite-taste protein that neither creates lumps nor causes swelling because of its contribution in digestive enzymes. This food supplement improves the process of recovery and regeneration of the muscle fibers at the end of training. It provides important support for growth of muscle mass, it is excellent for recovery and decreases the catabolic process. In addition it is made with a formula that has a low-fat content per serving.

    Basic Whey from Iron Muscle increases strength and improves recovery. Basic Whey is a perfect supplement to build muscle and increase protein intake with optimal dosage. The whey protein is an ingredient that is consumed by sportsmen and athletes to achieve muscle gains, muscle maintenance and increase protein intake. A high concentration of amino acids causes a favorable effect on muscle growth, whey protein is still offering better value and price. Basic Whey from Iron Muscle covers basic needs by providing an ideal platform for lean muscle composition. It is a product of broad amino acid spectrum which increases the recovery and strength.

    Basic Whey from Iron Muscle is a protein designed with excellent flavor. It increases the recovery and regeneration of muscle fibers after intense exercise. It reduces significantly the catabolic effect or loss of muscle mass. It is also low in fat per serving. In order to increase stamina it is recommended to take carbohydrates combined with high quality Basic Whey from Iron Muscle, thus incorporating the necessary supplies to the toughest workouts.

    Facts of Basic Whey from Iron Muscle

    • Delays the onset of the first symptoms of fatigue.
    • Improves the processes for building muscle tissue and muscle maintenance.

    Basic Whey from Iron Muscle is a nutritional supplement that can be used in most sports. Basic Whey from Iron Muscle is a product designed with high quality, with a very good composition and perfect use. It can be consumed by all people who want to use whey powder daily. Basic Whey from Iron Muscle is great tasting and effective action product. 

    Recommended use: it is recommended to ingest Basic Whey from Iron Muscle in intakes of two tablespoons mixed in 150 to 250 milliliters of cold water. Basic Whey from Iron Muscle should be consumed immediately after waking and after the training.

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