Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix is the natural product you need to provide your body with the best levels of excellent whey protein, which is also enriched with essential branched chain amino acids (BCAA) in an extraordinary ratio of 8:1:1. This incredible supplement is the ideal for today's athletes and sportsmen.

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Provide your muscles with excellent whey protein and top-quality essential amino acids by taking the extraordinary supplement Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix.

Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix is ​​a protein supplement of high quality and natural origin, designed for elite athletes who seek to incorporate excellent levels of high-quality protein.

Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix has been made from high-purity whey protein, which guarantees its maximum absorption and the use of all its properties. Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix promotes optimal development of healthy muscle mass because it is full of nutrients that favor its growth, strength increase, and an unparalleled physical performance. In addition to this, this excellent product has BCAA in a ratio of 8:1:1, the largest used so far and with the best proven benefits.

As the main protein of Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix, it has been decided to use the best and of highest quality on the market, which is why it has incorporated a protein obtained using a patented technology, Lactomin®, a trademark of whey protein from high purity milk, but not only that, as it has also incorporated another patented ingredient, which is recognized for its extraordinary properties and benefits for athletes in terms of physical development, its name Digezyme®, which is a set of digestive enzymes that improve the digestive process and promote an effective absorption of the nutrients found in the excellent formula of Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix.

The BCAA (L-Leucine. L-Isoleucine and L-Valine) that are part of the composition of Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix are all of vegetable origin, in a ratio of 8:1:1, which means that the amount of L-Leucine is 8 times greater than that of the other two amino acids. Such ratio has proven to be the most effective and efficient when it comes to contributing to the formation of muscle mass. Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix is ​​very low in sugars and fat, so it is perfectly healthy and safe for any type of consumer.

Facts of Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix:

  • Provides an excellent amount of proteins.
  • Uses Lactomin®, a patented whey protein.
  • Provides BCAA of vegetable origin in a ratio of 8:1:1.
  • Promotes the development of healthy muscle mass.
  • Boosts strength.
  • Digestion and absorption of nutrients has been improved with Digezyme®.
  • Has a very low sugar content.

Specifications per serving of 30 g:

These values may vary depending on flavor.

  • Energy value: 472 kJ / 113 kcal.
  • Whey protein: 25 g.
  • Sugar: 0.4 g.
  • Contains 480 mg of Leucine, 60 mg of Isoleucine and 60 mg of Valine.

With Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix, you can be sure that you have the best quality protein that your muscles can receive, plus excellent nutrients and amino acids that will make your muscle mass grow in the best possible way. Look no further, Professional Whey 80 from IO.Genix is the supplement you need.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 30 g of product in 250 ml of water, juice or skimmed milk.

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