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Professional protein mass - 4 kg

Protein Mass Professional by Iogenix is a food supplement created for elite athletes, who want to increase their muscle mass, put on weight and provide excellent whey protein concentrate with Lactomin technology. In addition, it has organic oatmeal, l-carnitine to provide energy and promote muscle growth.

    Protein Mass Professional byIogenix, is a natural supplement to put on weight and muscle mass and also improve your physical performance.

    Protein Mass Professional by Iogenix is ​​a delicious and effective high quality nutritional supplement, developed to increase the weight of the athlete, with the contribution of carbohydrates based on organic oatmeal, excellent healthy source.

    It provides an extraordinary high quality protein, whey concentrate, Lactomin; an efficient protein that improves healthy muscle mass growth. Protein Mass Professional by Iogenix has an excellent formula with the best nutrients in order to improve your physical performance in a natural way, without side effects.

    However, there are athletes who have certain difficulties to put on weight and grow muscle mass, and that is why those athletes need this extraordinary nutritional supplement. Its formula does not only help to naturally put on the necessary weight, but it also provides healthy carbohydrates from oatmeal of excellent quality. Protein Mass Professional by Iogenix is a protein supplement, which provides a good amount of protein in order to strengthen muscle mass and promote healthy growth, increasing strength and improving the athlete's physical performance, an excellent amount of naturally occurring carbohydrates to effectively gain weight and an extra creatine monohydrate to increase strength.

    Protein Mass Professional by Iogenix puts together the best ingredients and the best technology to offer an effective product that guarantees excellent results. Its whey protein concentrate has been made with patented Lactomin technology, one of the bests in the market. It has a high quality protein and excellent nutrients that help with healthy muscle mass growth. Its nutritional values ​​may vary according to the taste of the product.

    Characteristics of Protein Mass Professional by Iogenix

    • It is an excellent product to put on weight
    • It contains whey protein Lactomin
    • It helps to build muscle mass
    • It improves physical endurance
    • It provides strength and energy thanks to its creatine monohydrate content
    • It contains oatmeal carbohydrates without added sugar
    • It is available in a different flavours

    Details of each 50g dosage

    • It contains an 195Kcal energy value
    • It contains 2.1 gr of fats, of which 0.6 gr are saturated fats
    • It has 28 gr of Carbohydrates, of which 0.7 gr are sugars
    • It has 16 gr deproteins
    • It has 0.01 gr of salt
    • It contains 3000 mg of L-Glutamine
    • It has 1500 mg of creatine

    Protein Mass Professional nutritional supplement by  Iogenix is what you need to put on weight and have healthy and strong muscle mass. Buy it now, and get incredible results. It will improve your physical performance and your muscles in a short time.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take 50g (2 scoops) in 400ml of water or skim milk. Take it twice a day.

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