Professional Isolate from IO.Genix is ​​a sports supplement that concentrates all the virtues of whey protein isolate, a fundamental nutrient for excellent training. Enjoy its consistency, incredible taste and rapid assimilation. Check how it provides you with great muscle gains, higher endurance and a complete recovery.

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Professional Isolate from IO.Genix is ​​an incredible source of vitality, muscular development and endurance. Enjoy its delicious taste and incredible consistency!

Professional Isolate from IO.Genix is ​​a nutritional supplement that you cannot miss if you practice sports or want to improve your nutrition. It contains CFMIsolac®, a whey protein isolate made by Carbery, which is one of best quality on the market when it comes to products of this type.

On top of that, it has branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), of vegetable origin, in a ratio of 8:1:1, that is, it has 80% leucine, 10% valine and 10% isoleucine. Such ratio is the most effective known so far, which provides greater strength and superior performance. It also has DigeZyme®, which are processed enzymes that deeply benefit the assimilation of its active components.

By taking this product, you will have all the building blocks you need. Plus, the synthesis of amino acids is essential, as from this the organism can regenerate its tissues and build muscle and make them stronger. They are often defined as "building blocks" as they are a fundamental raw material for the regeneration of cells, nails, bones and skin. And the purest and most effective form comes from whey protein isolate, which provides you with all the amino acids you need to grow stronger, gain muscle mass and have greater endurance.

Ensure excellent development of you muscle mass by taking Professional Isolate from IO.Genix. If you have difficulty gaining muscle, you may have a nutritional deficiency that does not allow you to gain muscle properly. This lack leaves you vulnerable to the muscular catabolism that usually occurs after training. The proteins that you assimilate from food can bring with it a considerable amount of fats, and you have to wait to complete the digestion to obtain all its benefits. A quality supplement based on whey protein isolate will meet all your nutritional requirements, it will help you have a well-toned body and a very strong muscle mass.

Facts of Professional Isolate from IO.Genix:

Composition per recommended dose of 30 g, chocolate flavor:

  • Energy value: 464 kcal.
  • Contains 0.1 g of fats, without saturated fats.
  • Contributes with 0.5 g of carbohydrates that include 0.15 g of sugars.
  • Provides 27 g of proteins.
  • Has 0.5 g of vitamin B6.
  • Has 480 mg of leucine.
  • Has 60 mg of isoleucine.
  • Has 60 mg of valine.

* These values ​​may vary with the chosen flavor.

Professional Isolate from IO.Genix is ​​the source of amino acids that your diet needs, and guarantees that your body receives the raw material to keep muscles, bones and tendons in perfect conditions. In addition to that it also provides more energy and vitality, which is necessary during intense training. Enjoy its incredible flavor and soft consistency!

Recommended use: dissolve 30 g (two measures) in 250 ml of water or milk. Take a dose after training.

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