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Oatmeal from IO.Genix is a nutritional supplement rich in fibers and has a large amount of antioxidants. It is ideal for preparing delicious recipes, or enjoying it unaccompanied at breakfasts or snacks. Oatmeal from IO.Genix contains abundant health benefits, such as providing complex carbohydrates and natural fiber.

    Oatmeal from IO.Genix helps to keep the digestive system in good shape and working properly by improving the intestinal transit.

    Oatmeal from IO.Genix is a product with great antioxidant compound and high fiber content. It can be used in many delicious recipes, including energy drinks with the assurance that you are consuming a totally natural product that helps to improve digestive processes and the intestinal transit. In addition, it helps to reduce blood glucose levels, as well as becoming an excellent ally for routines and diets when losing weight, since it avoids anxiety in between meals.

    Main characteristics of Oatmeal from IO.Genix:

    • Generates a lasting feeling of satiety.
    • Helps to improve the intestinal transit.
    • Lowers harmful cholesterol in the body.
    • Prevents cardiovascular diseases.
    • Intervenes as an epidermal softener in irritation treatment, dryness or when the skin is extremely sensitive.
    • Restores softness and elasticity of the skin.
    • Rich in antioxidants.
    • Contains complexes, water-soluble fiber and carbohydrates in a natural way.
    • Stabilizes blood glucose and plays an important role in weight loss processes.

    Ingredients and format of Oatmeal from IO.Genix:

    Oatmeal from IO.Genix is a powder product that comes in a 1 kg bag. For each 100 g contains:

    • Energy: 376 kcal.
    • Fats: 6.6 g, of which 1.4 g are saturated.
    • Carbohydrates: 61 g, of which 1.3 g are sugars.
    • Fibers: 9.7 g.
    • Proteins: 13 g.
    • Salt: 0.4 g.

    Benefits of Oatmeal from IO.Genix:

    Oatmeal from IO.Genix has all the benefits to take care of your body in a natural way and, as a special supplement, to accompany your favorite recipes at any time of day and creating a feeling of satiety for a longer period. It can also be used in exquisite desserts with the security of taking care of the body in terms of nutrition provided by oatmeal, avoiding constipation, reducing bile acids, decreasing their toxic capacity for the body.

    On the other hand, it allows you to take advantage of its high content of B vitamins, which are positively involved in the functioning of the central nervous system.

    It is recommended for consumers of any age because every organism needs to cleanse itself of heavy elements and toxins, since its amino acids help stimulate the liver in the production of lecithin. It is indicated for people with high levels of sugar in the blood, since the soluble fiber of oats benefits the intake of starch, regulating sugar levels after eating any food. It is time to boost your organism with this amazing product, which is in addition entirely healthy and natural.

    How to consume Oatmeal from IO.Genix:

    • To supplement your diet, dissolve with protein in a smoothie for breakfast.
    • Combine with egg white and make pancakes.
    • Add to any homemade recipe.
    • Take when necessary, but maximum 2 times per day.
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