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Maltodextrin - 1 kg

Maltodextrin from IO.Genix is an incredible supplement that will give you energy beyond what you imagine. Get all the strength and fuel necessary for your body to do its best when you do exercises. It has an excellent flavor achieved with healthy sweeteners and also works for endurance or strength sports.

    Maltodextrin from IO.Genix is the best source of carbohydrates you can use. Train better with more strength and power! Enjoy its delicious flavor!

    Maltodextrin from IO.Genix is ​​a food supplement that will provide you with an incredible source of energy that is unmatched by any other.

    Enjoy the best maltodextrin, a high-quality carbohydrate that will provide you with an almost inexhaustible level of fuel for the functioning of your body. It has a simple structure of glucose chains that your body digests almost immediately.

    This has an amazing influence on your performance, which you will see improve profoundly, especially if you do moderate or high-intensity workouts. This food supplement will quickly replenish the glycogen that your body has consumed and will help you to demand a little more during your physical exercises.

    If you want to strengthen your muscles, you need to include Maltodextrin from IO.Genix in your daily diet. This is true even if you practice strength disciplines like bodybuilding. When your body works with intensity, the first thing that decreases are the carbohydrate reserves.

    From the moment they start to become decrease, your body will consume the other available elements, such as fats, followed by protein. The latter will cause the decrease of your muscles, which is undoubtedly an undesirable possibility. That is why it is not convenient that carb are missing from your system, since they are also the ideal energy source.

    In the same way, you need Maltodextrin from IO.Genix, if you do endurance activities like aerobic running, cycling or spinning. If you want to have optimal performance you have to consume carbohydrates that make a difference like maltodextrin.

    You cannot afford to give way to signs of fatigue or exhaustion, which will influence you physically and mentally, deeply tempting you to give up a demanding career or workout. It really suits you to choose this food supplement. Despite the fact that this nutrient is made up of glucose chains, it has very few of its molecules. So it does not alter the diet or eating style that you usually maintain.

    Nutrition facts of Maltodextrin from IO.Genix:

    Content per each recommended dose (50 g):

    • 186 kcal of energy.
    • 46.5 g of carbohydrates, including 0.4 g of sugars.
    • 0.5 g of protein.
    • Contains no saturated fat.

    Maltodextrin from IO.Genix is a source of energy that you cannot ignore. It is a simple carbohydrate that your body will quickly assimilate and that will give you energy for a long time, preventing your body from consuming proteins and falling under the effects of catabolism. It will help you increase your endurance and effectively enhance the capacity of your body.

    Recommended direction: dissolve 50 g (2 dispensers) in 300 ml of water. Take before and after your workouts.

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