Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy is ​​a dietary supplement that is composed of pure sequential-release protein. In that sense, it includes different proteins, with different absorption formats, essentially, for your body to absorb proteins for much longer and enjoy an unbeatable sports nutrition.

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Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy offers sequential and fairly constant protein absorption so that you receive a good nutritional contribution every day.

Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy is a novel sequential protein that includes in its food structure different proteins, each one with a truly particular absorption speed. Therefore, when taking this supplement, you can take advantage of a high-quality and convenient protein contribution, since it is absorbed and digested in a more progressive way.

Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy is a gluten-free protein powder that offers a surprising absorption given its incredible ability to release protein for much longer than other supplements. By taking it, you can supply your muscle fibers with an excellent nutritional contribution, either to maintain your muscles, stimulate their development, protect them against the practice of extreme sports or also to activate your muscular recovery.

In any case, Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy is essential to maintain an exceptional constant absorption of proteins, which constitutes a good nutritional support, especially when you train for several hours without eating food, for example, at night before sleeping, in the morning when you wake up, after training to be able to recover or simply to take between meals as a convenient supplement to lunch or snack.

Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy has a complete and particular formula since it contains different proteins. In this sense, it contains whey concentrate, soy isolate and casein, which were enriched in branched chain and essential amino acids in order to accelerate the synthesis of proteins and thus take advantage of all its magnificent nourishing ability.

With this supplement, you will not need to buy another protein product because it has been designed with your athletic needs in mind and more when you need to meet your particular daily protein requirements, which is something that even a balanced and healthy diet cannot do.

The best thing is that if you take Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy, you will be ingesting per shake about 41 g of protein, plus all the amino acids that your body requires. This is more than enough to obtain a good nutritional balance and achieve your goals. In addition, this excellent product has a delicious flavor and nice texture, quite creamy to fully enjoy.

Facts of Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy

  • In powder format.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Provides 21 g of protein, accompanied by a wide range of amino acids.
  • Ideal to maintain the musculature, and stimulate its growth.
  • Prolonged release, and slow absorption.
  • Composed of three different types of proteins.
  • Rich flavor, creamy consistency.

Any time of the day is perfect for nourishing yourself with a shake of Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy. You will give your body a powerful protein contribution, which it will absorb for several hours, and thus you enjoy the best sports nutrition.

Recommended use: you must mix 50 g of Red Line Pro Mix from Hypertrophy in 200-250 ml of water or milk. Take once or twice a day, one of them after training.

Luz Broch Vidal 2019-05-31 21:33:07
Buenas tardes: mi trabajo es entrenadora de clases colectivas, hago muchas horas de deporte y me gustaria saber que momento es mas optimo durante el dia tomar la proteina, por la noche siempre la tomo.
Carlos Neptuno 2019-06-01 10:34:59
Hola Luz, buenos días. Le recomendaría hacer dos tomas, una 40 min antes del entrenamiento y luego otra post entrenamiento para mejorar el proceso de recuperación. Tenemos un chat en directo para asesorar de una manera más personalizada. Un saludo.
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