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Micellar Casein - 907 g

Casein is one of the most abundant proteins that we can find in milk. This type of amino acid is accompanied by calcium and phosphorus. This micellar casein-based product contains undenatured whey protein that completes the development of muscle mass for any athlete.

    Micellar Casein from Invicted. Get more power from your muscles!

    Micellar Casein from Invicted is a dietary supplement based on micellar casein, a high-quality protein that maintains, restores and promotes the development of lean muscle mass. Contains a high amount of essential amino acids that stimulates muscle building.

    Micellar casein is considered a high-quality protein that increases lean muscle mass. many weightlifters want to increase muscle while maintaining a lean physique, and casein can help them reach this goal. One of the main goals for weightlifters is to increase their muscle hypertrophy.


    What is Micellar Casein from Invicted?

    • High-quality protein complex whose function is to develop and increase muscle mass in athletes.
    • Special formula that is obtained through the transmembrane filtration of the protein without actually denaturing it.
    • Contains a long chain of essential and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).
    • Provides a low content of sugars, fat and lactose.
    • EnzyMax special enzymatic combination that promotes a better assimilation and absorption.
    • Provides vitamin B6, B12 and vitamin D for a faster physical recovery.


    Composition of Micellar casein from Invicted:

    A container of this formula contains 907 g powder, reaches for an approximate of 34 doses. This product is available in three (3) flavors: chocolate, strawberry and neutral. Each intake contains milk micellar casein (80% of purity), whey protein concentrate, l-arginine hydrochloride 1000 mg (for each dose), cocoa defatted powder (4.8%) present in the chocolate version, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavoring, 110 mg of EnzyMax  complex (alpha-amylase, cellulase, lactase, lipase and protease), pineapple stem extract, extract of papaya, salt, sweeteners (potassium acesulfame and sucralose), coloring (E-120), vitamin B-6, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

    Essential and branched-chain amino acids present: l-alanine, l-lysine, l-arginine, l-methionine, l-aspartic acid, l-phenylalanine, l-cysteine, l-proline, l-glutamic acid, l-serine, l-glycine, l-threonine, l-histidine, l-tryptophan, l-isoleucian, l-tyrosine, l-leucine and l-valine.


    What is achieved by taking Micellar Casein from Invicted?

    This food supplement guarantees the slow release of protein on muscle tissue, thanks to the fact that it forms a spherical complex called "micelles" that slows down its absorption and digestion. It maintains, restores and rebuilds muscle mass giving it volume and shape, increases recovery and physical performance, gives an effect of satiety which contributes to the control of intake, promotes definition and helps with fat loss.

    Amateurs,  highly proficient athletes and those who just want to look and feel good can start using this excellent formula. This product can be also taken by kids and adults.


    Recommended daily dose of Micellar Casein from Invicted:

    • This product can be taken between 1 or 2 doses a day.
    • Dissolve each 26 g of powder in 200 ml of water or skim milk.
    • Take during breakfast, snack or before going to bed.
    • Should be kept in a cool and dry place.
    • Recommended daily dose should not be abused.
    • Should not be taken as a substitute for food.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
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