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Iso Lean - 20 sachets

Iso Lean from Invicted is a food supplement that will provide you with all the amino acids you need for incredible physical activity. It also contributes to the EnzyMax® enzyme complex that facilitates its assimilation, along with vitamins B6 and B12 that improve energy metabolism. It ensures impeccable recovery, impressive muscle growth and superior endurance.

    Iso Lean from Invicted is an amazing protein that will improve your ability to perform intense and challenging exercise. You must try this high-quality formula with an incredible contribution in amino acids!

    Iso Lean from Invicted is a food supplement made from high-quality whey protein isolate. It has been obtained through a cross-flow microfiltration process, which achieves maximum purity since it preserves its composition without denaturing. It is ideal to gain muscle, increase endurance and improve your resilience.

    Main features of Iso Lean from Invicted:

    • Made from high-quality whey protein isolate.
    • Contributes to the EnzyMax® enzyme complex that favors great assimilation.
    • Contains vitamin B6 and B12 that favor the increase of the levels of energy and that improve the absorption of its nutrients.

    Ingredients of Iso Lean from Invicted:

    Each dose of 25 g has the following specifications:

    • Has 92 Kcal.
    • Has 0.45 g in fats that include 0.25 g in saturated fats.
    • Contributes with 0.35 g in carbohydrates that includes 0.22 g in sugars that in turn have 0.21 g in lactose.
    • Provides 22 g in protein.

    Why should you take Iso Lean from Invicted?

    Iso Lean from Invicted is an incredibly pure and effective protein that will give new dimensions to your daily training. It has been obtained from high-quality whey protein isolate, which has been exposed to an advanced cross-flow microfiltration process. In this way, a very pure and undenatured protein is obtained, with a great contribution in amino acid and a low level of lactose and fat content. It also includes the EnzyMax® complex that provides a large amount of enzymes that favors its rapid absorption in the digestive system. It has also been enriched with vitamin B6 that also favors the assimilation of nutrients and with vitamin B12 that promotes greater energy metabolism.

    You have to have the benefits of Iso Lean from Invicted to build the body you want to show off. A protein like this will work wonders favoring conditions for incredible muscle gain. It will provide you with an incredible aminogram that also includes branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which will increase your performance and resilience. Thanks to its virtues, you will enjoy an effective and fast recovery, which is essential to obtain a superior muscle mass.

    Keep in mind that Iso Lean from Invicted will also help you fortify your nutritional needs. It can be part of a weight control diet, or support for muscle definition. It comes in delicious flavors that make it very appetizing to start the day, as a protein snack or to promote a good recovery after exercising.

    Recommended daily dose of Iso Lean from Invicted:

    • Dissolve 25 g (1 measure of your dispenser) in 200 ml of water. Preferably shake in beater or shaker.
    • Take up to 2 daily doses, especially after training.
    • Must be a supplement to a healthy and varied diet.
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