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Body mass - 2.5kg

Body Mass from Invicted is an elaborate sports food supplement that includes dairy protein isolate that combines whey protein with micellar casein. Combine carbohydrates with proteins in a 3:1 ratio, along with a minimum fat level. It is excellent for putting on weight, along with incredible muscle gain.

    Body Mass from Invicted is the boost you need to gain body volume and develop excellent muscle mass. It comes in amazing and delicious flavors!

    Body Mass from Invicted is a food supplement that will meet all your requirements to gain muscle mass and body volume. It combines carbohydrates and proteins in a 3:1 ratio (three parts of carbohydrates per part in proteins), which has been achieved with a low fat index.

    What are the features of Body Mass from Invicted?

    • Contains carbohydrates and proteins in a 3:1 ratio.
    • Helps to gain muscle mass and body volume.
    • Includes the EnzyMax® formula.

    What does Body Mass from Invicted provide?

    Each recommended dose of 30 g has the following specifications:

    • Contains 113 Kcal.
    • Has 0.51 g in fats that include 0.057 g in saturated fats.
    • Contributes 19 g in carbohydrates that include 12 g in sugars.
    • Provides 7.8 g in protein.
    • Offers 110 mg of the EnzyMax® complex.
    • Provides 400 µg of vitamin A.
    • Provides 40 mg of vitamin C.
    • Has 0.55 mg of vitamin B1.

    Benefits of Body Mass from Invicted

    Body Mass from Invicted is a top quality food supplement that will help you gain muscle mass. It contains carbohydrates and proteins in a 3:1 ratio, and a low level of fat. Proteins are obtained from the milk protein isolate that combines the benefits of whey concentrate and micellar casein. It has also been enriched with the EnzyMax® complex, which will provide you with digestive enzymes that favor rapid assimilation and absorption of its properties. In the same way it includes vitamins A, those of the B complex, C, D and E, which complete its nutritional profile.

    You will have a safe and healthy body growth with Body Mass from Invicted. It is the solution you were looking for to gain muscle forcefully, as it will contribute to the level of calories that your metabolism needs. With this supplement in your daily diet you can gain muscle and maintain your body mass. You will no longer have to worry about your fast metabolism or eating more food than you are able to eat. This product comes with an incredible texture and wonderful flavors that you will enjoy throughout the day.

    If you have an intense Body Mass from Invicted, it will meet your energy and protein needs. You have these aspects considered in a single product, which is very easy to consume. You have carbohydrates that are essential to obtain energy and strength to exercise. It will also give you the essential amino acids to gain muscle mass. In this way you will not lose muscle mass and you will have all the vitality necessary to achieve your sports goals.

    Recommended daily dose of Body Mass from Invicted

    • Mix 30 g (1 dispenser) in 200 ml of water, in beater or shaker.
    • Take 1 dose at breakfast and 1 dose after training.
    • Does not exceed the recommended dose.
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