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Smartwatch nWatch 02 from Infiniton is a wristwatch designed to be used as an extension of the smart mobiles, facilitating the functions of these, ideal for sportsmen who wish to have a pedometer, timer and music player at your fingertips, in addition, you can answer, reject or make calls with it.

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Smartwatch nWatch 02 from Infiniton, designed to facilitate the functions offered by smartphones.

Smartwatch nWatch 02 from Infiniton will allow you to perform daily tasks with greater ease, especially those related to sports and physical activity, because it will facilitate the functions offered by our smartphones. We have all known that running makes it difficult to get the smartphone to answer a call, see the time, stop the timer or check how much distance we have traveled, all these functions are facilitated by Smartwatch nWatch 02 which is paired with your smartphone, be it Android or iOS and lets you use all those functions and many more, on the watch, at your fingertips.

Smartwatch nWatch 02 from Infiniton is a wristwatch made with the best quality of materials and the latest technology, which is paired with smartphones (Android and iOS) via Bluetooth, being able to review notifications of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tuenti, and others Social networks, in addition, comes with a timer and a pedometer which will help you to have control of your workouts, being able to quantify the distance traveled and review their times, so that in this way improve physical performance, also, added to all these wonderful functions, comes with a mobile music player, to make physical activity a lot more enjoyable and bearable, all these functions in a small watch that conforms to your wrist in a comfortable, elegant and attractive design for the view.

Facts of Smartwatch nWatch 02 from Infiniton

  • Made with the highest quality materials.
  • Has Bluetooth 4.0
  • Ability to receive notifications and remotely control your smartphone.
  • Compatible with Android 4.1 and iOS 7 or older.
  • Capacitive screen in full color.
  • Dial, answer, and reject calls from your smartphone.
  • Speakerphone and microphone integrated into the watch.
  • Alarm, Timer, Pedometer, Sleep Control, Vibration and Music Player.
  • Battery with a capacity of 270 mAh.
  • Colors: Black, White and Red.
  • Attractive and elegant design.

Smartwatch nWatch 02 from Infiniton is ideal for athletes or anyone who wants to use a smart clock as a timer and pedometer, in addition to using as an extension of existing smart devices, controlling and quantifying this way, your daily exercise routine, using a watch with attractive and stylish design with a music player to use when you want. This device will facilitate your daily routine and you can take off your cell phone and enjoy any other activity, without having to miss out on any event that may occur.

Recommended Use: it can be used during training and during the day to day, thanks to its capabilities of music player, stopwatch, pedometer, etc.

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