Headphones with microphone EP-58 - Infinition

Headphones with microphone EP-58 from Infinition is an ideal sports accessory for athletes or sportsmen who like to enjoy the good sound of music, or always be in telephone communication while training. It eliminates external noise in such a way that the sound quality of your conversations or music will be clear. They are ergonomic to avoid discomfort in your ears.

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Headphones with microphone EP-58 from Infinition with high-definition stereo sound so you can even hear the dropping of a needle.

Headphones with microphone EP-58 from Infinition came to the market to be the first to present an ergonomically designed with custom fit and high definition stereo sound. Its practical and innovative model offers an optimal enjoyment without the presence of ambient noise that disturbs the reach of the objective. In addition, these wonderful audio receivers have a built-in microphone that is usually essential since it is used to make calls online, interact via Skype, record videos and so many features that allow a feedback using perceptibly channels emitter-receiver. At the same time, the speaker with noise suppression is compatible with a large number of brands.

Headphones with microphone EP-58 from Infinition was created for all those people who like to listen to audiobooks, moviegoers, or simply that you want in a comfortable way to drive, jog or exercise while enjoying good music. Its pads are super flexible as well as suitable for any movement and are made with carefully selected materials that prevents sweating or pressure. Its impeccable model does not depend on any type of batteries for its use and its model is adapted to the ears avoiding adverse damages. This device is one of the most sought after in the market because it integrates easily to the body achieving a total advantage. Its details were so well designed that when you use them you do not feel it, it feels that it is not on you.

With Headphones with microphone EP-58 from Infinition you can listen to your favorite music from your cell phone or simply if you are an active person, while walking you can enjoy a clear call without having to hold your mobile to your ear. The sound of this ingenious equipment is transmitted in a clean and clear way reaching both the emission and precise reception.

Facts of Headphones with microphone EP-58 from Infinition

  • Eliminates external noise.
  • No sound changes.
  • It is ergonomic.
  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Your headphones do not cause pressure, infection, irritation or pain.
  • It does not cause hearing loss.

Headphones with microphone EP-58 from Infinition is a device that you can use for as long as you want, its proven quality allows you to listen to the audio of your preference without needing to intensify the volume as it gives you a unique, powerful and sound experience that is accompanied by a lightweight design you barely realize of its weight. Undoubtedly, with each of these pieces you will live the most incredible acoustic and sound experience of your life.

Recommended use: as a sports accessory, take to listen to music or to communicate by phone while training or when taking a walk.

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