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Vr - 90 capsules

Vr from Ifigen is a food complex made from the goldenrod herb that offers excellent diuretic, antiseptic and purifying properties. Quickly relieve yourself from urinary infections, gout or edema with these capsules that also have astringent properties. It also offers a sedative effect that immediately calms various types of discomfort in the urinary tract.

    Vr from Ifigen is a wonderful food supplement that contains goldenrod, an herb with excellent therapeutic virtues.

    Vr from Ifigen is a food supplement based on goldenrod, a plant that will help you overcome infections in the urinary system. It will also be useful for fluid retention, edema of the ankle, rheumatism, gout, prostate problems and incontinence.

    Essential aspects of Vr from Ifigen:

    • Has extract of the goldenrod grass.
    • Relieves urinary problems.
    • Has sedative, astringent, purifying and diuretic properties.

    What does Vr from Ifigen contribute?

    Each capsule contains 30 mg of Solidago Virgaurea and vegetable-covered components.

    Benefits of Vr from Ifigen:

    Vr from Ifigen is a wonderful food supplement that offers the virtues and benefits of the goldenrod herb. Also called Solidago Virgaurea, this plant is characterized by having diuretic and purifying properties that relieve urinary discomfort. In addition to this, it offers antiseptic and astringent virtues. In the same way, it offers sedative properties, which soothe burning or various discomforts in the urinary system. It contributes with flavonoids, such as quercetin, isoquercetin and astragaloside. In addition to this, it offers coumarins, caffeic acid, quinic acid and chlorogenic acid, tannins, sapes and essential oils. It is a suitable supplement to treat urinary infections, reduce fluid retention, rheumatism, gout, incontinence difficulties and prostate problems.

    Healthily overcome all kinds of urinary problems with Vr from Ifigen. It is known that a natural cure is always welcome when it comes to overcoming all kinds of discomfort. And in this case you will have an invaluable help to overcome infections and various discomforts of this type. It is also a great help to combat the retention of fluid in the body, which favors the elimination of all types of toxins and wastes. Get an incredible relief and its healing benefits. Vr from Ifigen will be of great help to problems such as gout, or edema in the ankles. It can also be useful for treating kidney problems, as it favors the reduction of stones or mineral formations stored in the kidneys.

    Do not miss the healing effects of Vr from Ifigen. If you do not have access to the herb in a fresh state, these capsules will carry the virtues of its active components. It also has antidiarrheal properties that can relieve intestinal discomfort.

    Due to these virtues, this supplement is the best alternative to overcome discomfort in the urinary system. Take advantage of its diuretic benefits to fight infections and expel of harmful toxins from your body and recover your deserved sense of well-being. Help yourself to set aside fluid retention and edema. Vr from Ifigen will also decrease kidney stones, so that they recover their normal functioning.

    Recommended daily dose of Vr from Ifigen:

    • Swallow up to 3 capsules per day.
    • Ingest between the main meals.
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