WP-H Performance - 3kg (6.6 pounds)

WP-H Performance from Hypertrophy is a powdered dietary supplement that will stimulate your muscle growth, increasing your physical performance so that you can fulfill to the maximum with all your sports expectations. It has a delicious taste and a nice texture. It is easy to prepare, so you can enjoy its flavor wherever you go.

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WP-H Performance from Hypertrophy ensures muscle growth: dramatic, fast, clean and without side effects.

WP-H Performance from Hypertrophy is a protein concentrate of high biological and nutritional value, specially designed to accelerate the recovery of the muscular fibers after a rough training and to foment a rapid volume and growth.

It is the number one product on the market because of its high quality that provides the body with optimal amounts of protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, BCAA and glutamine, which significantly increase the development and maintenance of muscle mass, completely free of fat to achieve a volume totally clean. Its formula is based on a whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, dextrose, lipids, sucralose, vitamin B6, available in several flavors: Chocolate, Cookies, Berries, Vanilla and Lemon Yogurt.

WP-H Performance from Hypertrophy contains ingredients that help with the preparation of lean muscle. By carefully combining proteins with small amounts of carbohydrates it is ideal for increasing muscle mass. In addition, the proteins contained in this product help to increase protein synthesis and reduce the breakdown of carbohydrates. The percentage of carbohydrates it possesses is exact in relation to how long glycogen is needed to stabilize after intense training. It provides dextrose, a simple carbohydrate with a high glycemic index and very fast absorption. It is commonly used after hard training, increasing the uptake of amino acids in muscle cells and restoring glycogen consumed during training.

WP-H Performance from Hypertrophy, because of its high content of whey concentrate is ideal for the promotion of protein synthesis; In addition provides all the essential amino acids for muscle growth and contains the antioxidant glutathione, which plays a key role in boosting immunity. Developed by Hypertrophy, a leader in its management, specialized in sports nutrition with guarantee of professionalism and quality, its products are designed based on numerous scientific investigations recognized in the area.

Facts of WP-H Performance from Hypertrophy

  • Product of fast absorption, with fast results.
  • Promotes the increase of muscle mass.
  • Stimulates protein synthesis.
  • Delicious flavors, nice texture.
  • Easy to dissolve
  • Boosts performance during exercise
  • Ensures a quick recovery after a rough workout.

WP-H Performance from Hypertrophy provides the perfect ingredients in the right amounts to sustainably and cleanly increase the growth of muscle mass for optimum recovery and muscle protection and to replenish all the energy that produces wear and fatigue from a tough and intense workout.

Recommended Use: a a dietary supplement, dissolve 50 grams in 250-300 ml of water or skim milk. Take twice a day. It is recommended to consume one of the dose just after the workout.

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