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Neox Pre-Workout - 400g

Neox® Pre-Workout from Hypertrophy™ Nutrition contains an ultra-concentrated pre-workout formulation created with the intention of maximizing nitric oxide formation and muscle congestion, delivering intense energy and improving strength and endurance during high-intensity workouts to optimize results.

    Neox® Pre-Workout from Hypertrophy™ Nutrition has an innovative combination with the best and most modern forms of creatine.

    Neox® Pre-Workout from Hypertrophy™ Nutrition includes a mixture of nitric oxide compounds that improve physical performance.

    Neox® Pre-Workout from Hypertrophy™ Nutrition is a sports supplement that is enriched with stimulants that promote a high state of mental concentration and alertness that will allow to achieve extraordinary goals. In addition, it helps to block free radicals, which are the biggest drawback of nitric oxide, to enjoy a complete and natural vasodilation without any negative side effects that involves the use of most obsolete pre-training. Neox® Pre-Workout has in its formulation the minerals needed to prevent muscle cramps caused by stress for long periods of time. Its innovative formula is located in the bloodstream to aid the body in the process of recovery after training.

    This product has ingredients that optimize mental concentration and improve alertness, among these elements include caffeine, which increases energy levels and metabolism, improves the ability to reduce fat and muscle performance; Taurine, which improves the ability to store more water from muscle cells to increase muscle volume; Creatine ethyl ester, is highly bioavailable and has an extraordinary stability for rapid absorption; An explosive combination of nitric oxide compounds to improve muscle congestion, stimulate blood flow and act as a vasodilator; Citrulline, which increases nitric oxide levels, improves physical performance with weights, increases muscle protein synthesis and protein content in the muscle, decreases fatigue, stimulates energy production and creatine phosphate.

    Hypertrophy™ Nutrition is a company that has a great experience in the industry of products for the sport in general. Its products are sold worldwide because of the high quality, since they are manufactured and produced in private laboratories, which meet the most stringent safety standards in the American and European market.

    Facts of Neox® Pre-Workout from Hypertrophy™ Nutrition

    • Stimulates the production of nitric oxide.
    • Improves the recovery process.
    • Provides extra power for better performance.
    • Optimizes mental concentration.
    • Prevents muscle cramps.
    • Increases muscle strength and endurance.

    Your workouts are more concentrated and intense than ever. Now with Neox® Pre-Workout from Hypertrophy™ Nutrition, you can get the extra energy that the human body needs in each workout. It also prevents the effects of muscle cramps.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement it is recommended to take one dose per day of 20 grams mixed in 250 milliliters of cold water, half an hour before training. It is advised not to combine with other stimulants because of its caffeine content.

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