N1 Isolac & Optipep from Hypertrophy Nutrition is a sports supplement based on protein that is easily absorbed and its main feature is that it is 99% free of lactose and gluten, which makes it highly recommended for sportsmen and/or athletes and also anyone who practices sports and looks for excellent results out of training.

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If you are looking for the best, N1 Isolac & Optipep from Hypertrophy Nutrition is the product that will lead you to the results you want.

N1 Isolac & Optipep from Hypertrophy Nutrition is a mixture of whey protein and whey hydrolyzate with Dygezime® multienzyme complex and guaranteed quality Megaflora9® probiotics that adapts to any lifestyle. It is important to highlight that it does not have gluten and it is 99% free of lactose, presented in a variety of flavors, with essential characteristics that make it easy to absorb and very healthy.

When you look for products that guarantee your benefits and that are also verifiable N1 Isolac & Optipep from Hypertrophy Nutrition is that supplement that provides a range of benefits that helps the body to stay healthy, and complement physical training when you carry out high-intensity activities that demand that you make great efforts, increases muscle mass allowing your body to have a complete and healthy recovery, and most importantly, it provides a great source of energy to keep you active at all times.

N1 Isolac & Optipep from Hypertrophy is the favorite of many sportsmen and athletes, as it is the ideal product to give the body what it needs for them to achieve desired results and it is worth noting that to get the benefits offered by this wonderful product, it is necessary to complement its use with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. In order to preserve its essential properties, it is vital to keep this product in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children.

Facts of N1 Isolac & Optipep from Hypertrophy Nutrition

  • Whey protein-based supplement.
  • Contains Isolac® Isolate & Optipep Hydrolizate.
  • Has Dygezime® multienzyme complex and Megaflora9® probiotics.
  • Easy absorption.
  • Product that does not have gluten.
  • Excellent source of energy.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Authentic source of good health.
  • Optimized physical performance.
  • Recommended for athletes and sportsmen.
  • Stimulates the recovery of muscles in a healthy way.
  • Available in various flavors.

Hypertrophy Nutrition is a company characterized by always bringing to the market and putting at your reach healthy, reliable and certified quality products, which is excellent for all those athletes and sportsmen. That is why, this product is the best choice you can make when it comes to sports supplements. For that reason, N1 Isolac & Optipep from Hypertrophy is the product you were looking for and that your body needs, so we invite you to buy it now, do not hesitate!

By ingesting N1 Isolac & Optipep from Hypertrophy, you can start getting real gains in no time. Do not let someone tell you how good it is, try it yourself!

Recommended use: as a sports protein supplement, after carrying out the training process as usual, add in 250 ml of cold water or milk 50 g of the product, dissolve well and drink.

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